Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A writer’s use of technology
The world is changing for many as technology expands on a daily bases. And this could not be truer of anyone more than writers. With writing programs the ability to catch errors in grammar and spelling, not to mention word choices are so easy almost anyone can become a writer.
With the enhanced technology come more demands in other aspects. Details, the world is at a writers finger tips, literally. The ability to become an expert in any field is only a matter of time spent on the net. The great writers know how to become such an expert and to be able to impart such knowledge seamlessly to the reader. Readers want to be entertained for sure, but they also want to learn something new and in an interesting way.
The stumbling block is not forgetting there is a world out there beyond the computer where people live and explore life; a life with emotions and feelings that can only be experienced in the world away from the computer. The ability to merge technology and real life is a gift very few writers achieve.
So, where will the future technology take us? We could only dream, but perhaps that is what a great writer needs to do—create a world only the mind can conjure up.
Johnny Ray


Betsy said...

Sometimes, I feel technology is moving too fast for me.

I liked this post.

Anonymous said...

Betsy, technology is moving too fast for everyone!
But it's great for writers that you can fact check — or look up the answer to something — so quickly on line and incorporate it into your copy. I love it! I used info on line to find out what the words to the song The Weight meant, and the results were tremendous fun.