Sunday, January 31, 2010

Johnny Ray's Poems
The newest in blogs run by Johnny Ray is his poetry blog
A new poem will be written almost every day, so please check back there as often as possible. The poems are free to use in an email or post in your own blog with the requirement the poem stay intact as it was written, the poet (Johnny Ray) be given credit and the link back to the site remain in place. Please enjoy them and be sure to bookmark the site and link to it as you wish. You might want to follow the new poems on google friends as well.
If you want to see a particular type poem for a special occasion, please leave a note in the comments section

Johnny Ray
Gasparilla--a day to be remembered for Novelist Johnny Ray, perhaps even insight into a future novel.
The weather did not cooperate but we had a great time anyway. Once a year the pirates come ashore in Tampa to take the city and party. Oh yes, party all day and night. Some of the photos are posted here to show the fun. With the rain photos the parade could not be captured this year.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fighting the uphill battle as an aspiring author by Johnny Ray

I know when facing a mountain side of reason to reconsider it appears to be overwhelming. You could simply give up and try something different or think of a way around it. But sooner or later the fact remains to see what is at the top you have to make it there first. Looking back later, the climb can be an interesting reminder, a way of showing others how to proceed.

Yes, at times it is important just to be able to hang on to how far you have come. The support groups built along the way can help, but it is important to find the rocks that will give you one more chance to climb one more flight.

There is a saying when climbing--never look down. The same is true in writing. We all have to start somewhere, but it is not where we have to stay. Reaching for one hold after another takes concentration and effort. With each step we gain confidence. We learn what works and what does not.

I know what keeps me going. I never learned how to fail. It may take me longer but the only way I know to become a best selling author is to keep climbing and keep writing everyday.

Today I want to hear what keeps other people going to make it to the top. What are your motivations? How do you continue to climb one day after another?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Johnny Ray enjoying a winter play land during the holiday season
Since it was going to be cold anyway, I thought the best thing was to go somewhere to really enjoy it. These photos are from the back of the cabin in Gatlinburg, Tenn.
I think being trapped inside like this might be a good way to concentrate on writing--you sure can't do much of anything else. Florida has so many distractions. I guess my point in this post is learning how others cope with distractions. For me, I have the opposite problems, I need the distractions to stimulate me to write. I always go to crowded places to work. What helps you to concentrate?
Johnny Ray

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Johnny Ray photos in the Green Swamp of Florida. Research is always important and since so many times my characters end up in the swamp this was a very interesting time I spent wild boar hunting recently. The deep swamps in Florida can be so beautiful but intimidating at the same time. The wild boars do have an attitude, not to mention the large gators in the swamps. It is definitely a place of intrigue.
Johnny Ray

Monday, January 04, 2010

Johnny Ray's editorial Service is now open. I plan to only offer this for the first two months of this year. I will be glad to provide a sample edit of the first five pages. See the site for details or e-mail me with any questions at
I also have two new sites I think you will like.
These are great resources for writers and I would love to hear what you think about them. I am also looking for guest bloggers on these sites.

Johnny Ray