Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to cast characters by Novelist Johnny Ray

As soon as I have a basic idea on what I want to write I start auditioning my characters. To me it is like applying for a part in a movie. I know the part but want it to have a full realistic person playing it.

The first item of business is the name. The name can make a world of difference on how you see that person. There are many sites available to study names and it is worth the time to do so.

Next is the specific characteristic of that character like how tall, weight, etc.

Add to this his own personal quirks , his or her own voice, words they use that no on else would use, based on heritage, race, region of the country, education, etc. I want each character to stand alone.

Then time to find a face to fit the character. While many places to find photos I use http://popcorn.oneindia.in/hollywood to find them easily.

Next I have to add what the characters motive are, what really makes them click.

I place all of the characters sketches on page one of the novel so I can always find it. I also print out a copy and have it on the wall next to me. let's face it, I will be with these characters for months as I write about them. While my creation as such, I want them to take own their own life and let me write about it. This page I will move to another file after I finish the novel and start polishing.

With all in place, I have a group meeting telling everyone what the goal of the story is and we go to work.

Johnny Ray
Award winning Novelist

Monday, April 26, 2010

Nicholas Sparks Shares Tips for Aspiring Writers

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Award Winning Novelist Johnny Ray's quest to find the best blogs and video promotions.

When it comes to personal blogs which ones are you favorites? What does it take to become a great blog. What keeps you coming back? Today I will be surfing the web in the hunt for an answer. Please let me know what your thoughts are today. I will try to summarize all of the comments in a post in a few days. I have a list of my blogs here http://www.sirjoh.org/bloglist.
I'm also interested in blog videos as well. I love to know how people plan to brand their name or product to make it stand out.
Now, time for me to do some surfing, I hope you will help me on this web surfing Sunday.

Johnny Ray
Award Winning Novelist

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Walgreen is having an Earth Day special on ink cartridge refills. For today only they are charging only $1. I use a lot of ink so this is fantastic for me. I wondered if it was true when I heard the news. I have just returned from there and they accepted about a dozen cartridges from me for a dollar each.
This is good seeing how I have to print out a lot of copies in the next few days. I hope this saves some others some much need funds now with the economy as it is.

Johnny Ray

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I've started working on a previous work on mine which will BE retitled ETERNAL DREAMS and thought it would be nice to share the process of reaching enlightenment in the story.
While there are four steps involved, this will center only on the first one.
To reach what most people consider a state of enlightenment, visions of purity are almost always included. To reach a higher level of purity and energy the foods entered into the body would naturally matter.
As such, it only makes sense to eat foods that are alive and not dead. What is meant here is simple when you think about it. Yes, we all have heard you need to eat good food. But, exactly what is that? Fresh vegetables always come to mind in such a discussion, but again it is much more than simply fresh. Perhaps how you describe fresh is the key.
A carrot that is washed, cleaned, cooked is considered healthy by most people, but it is really? It is now dead and self destined to destroy itself with micros and other bacterial, returning it to the earth. On the other hand, a carrot that is freshly plucked from the ground and could be replanted and live is still full of life that can be consumed. The difference is now the body is receiving a life force and not a signal to decompose. You have to think of consuming life forces, an energy, instead of material substance.
The carrot is but one example of life forces that can be consumed. In future post, I will discuss other sources of food that are alive and can increase your energy and life force.
I want your opinion on this, please feel free to comment.
Johnny Ray