Sunday, April 25, 2010

Award Winning Novelist Johnny Ray's quest to find the best blogs and video promotions.

When it comes to personal blogs which ones are you favorites? What does it take to become a great blog. What keeps you coming back? Today I will be surfing the web in the hunt for an answer. Please let me know what your thoughts are today. I will try to summarize all of the comments in a post in a few days. I have a list of my blogs here
I'm also interested in blog videos as well. I love to know how people plan to brand their name or product to make it stand out.
Now, time for me to do some surfing, I hope you will help me on this web surfing Sunday.

Johnny Ray
Award Winning Novelist


Ran Fuchs said...

I have a few personal blogs I follow. The problem of personal blogs is that most of them just tell of daily events with no added colors or insight. They mostly feel like reading a primary school report: "today I got up and then my mother caught me pretending to brush my teeth. she punished me, and school was horrible too."

In other words, as I am over primary school already, I am looking for a bit more in a personal blog

Unknown said...

Personally I don't really know what makes a good blog. I should imagine that the main ingredient would be the content.

As a photographer I am really mostly interested in other photography, arts and similar orientated blogs. I do feel however that I have a good blog roll list on my own blog which lists some of my current favourites.

johnny ray said...

I think it is only natural to follow blogs you have an interest in the content thereof. Hunting for those gems can be interesting. I follow over 1,000 different blogs. I don't go to them every day, no, but I do as often as I can. It helps to have good speed and the ability to find what you want and move on.