Tuesday, October 02, 2018

How to be successful as an International Digital Nomad

How to write a book that establishes you as the expert

How to write a book that establishes you as THE expert creates many other questions that must be addressed since many people want advice coming from THE expert.

How do you establish yourself as an expert?

Or, simply put, who is recognized as an expert?

But, perhaps, a bigger question is why is it important to even establish yourself as THE expert?
The truth is that a book goes a long way in establishing yourself as The expert. It shows the debt of knowledge of the subject matter, of course, but does so much more. It can also reveal much about your life and how you mastered a subject.

The simple problem is that many experts have a hard time writing about something they know intimately, basically because they know all of the various ramifications and subtle differences.
There is a simple solution to the dilemma. And, sounds a little strange at first, but not really once you understand. Writing a memoir can take on many forms and objections, limiting it to specific parts of one life. 

You do not have to call it the memoirs of John Smith, but make it something like, the inside story, or my life as, or even what I learn as a (area of expertise), etc. I think you get the message, you are recounting what you have learned, your story, your expertise revealed, but you do not have to call it a memoir, even if that is really what it is.

Yes, there are many other reasons to write your memoirs, which would include anyone wanting to establish their expertise, but also anyone 

● wishing to leave words of wisdom for their family and friends
● with a legacy that needs preserving
● wanting to share the moments of their life with others
● who has a story that must be told
● wanting to leave words of wisdom for their family and friends.
● wanting the perfect way to set the records straight.

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● Understand exactly what a memoir is and is not
●  Be able to search for and recall the memories of your life
●  Determine what are your main turning points in your life that should be told to others
●  Learn how to stay focused for the long term, enabling you to finish this project
●  Decide how to select which characters need to be included or excluded  from your memoir
●  How to go about doing your research
●  Establish who is the intended reader of the memoir, and why this is so important
●  Learn to face reality and how open you will be revealing deep family secrets
●  Learn how to polish a memoir
●  Learn how to work with Ghostwriters

With hundreds of request per month to write someone's story, the need to help others tell their story became so overwhelming, I decided to create this course.

Yes, I created this course as a step by step guide to help you write your story, the pages of your life. The process is a simple method of putting your thoughts together in an organized fashion, using many exercises for you to complete. Again, this is your story and no one else, and as such you have complete freedom to write as you wish. These exercises are intended to help you move along at a steady pace. 

So ask yourself these questions.

 ●  Do you have a legacy that needs to be preserved? 
●  Would you like to see your life told in the form of a novel? 
●  Or made into a movie? Making you both rich and Famous
●  What words of wisdom do you want to leave for your family?
●  Would you like to have your life's work validated?
●  Or set the record straight?

 In reality when will you write your memoirs? 

 Tomorrow, or the next or . .

will today be the day you take action.

 I hope you do the right thing and take the course today, my friend. 

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