Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm rewriting a novel and working hard. I think it might be easier
to just start from scratch, but this is truly a learning experience.
I am removing as much passive voice as possible,
change the tense to present, and really stepping up the pace.
This will take some time.
Here are the words I am looking for in the novel
that may need to be changed

was, is, will, not, got, made, thought,drove,found,
,figure,frame,presence,saw, noticed,
by adding it to the control f button and going through the novel,
it takes a lot of time, but i think will be well worth the work
I hope to have it all completed in 3 weeks

I have heard many people say never quit your full time job until you are published,
but then again I remember one saying from sports that has always been with me.

It's hard to steal second base with your foot stuck on first base.

Johnny Ray