Wednesday, April 18, 2018


The internet may well be more important to writers than Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of printing moveable type in the fourteenth century, suddenly, writers aren’t dependent on publishers; they can be their own publishers instantly. With the invention of the internet, most writers are now creating their own self-publishing websites which makes it easier and faster to publish their own books without having to go through the stress of choosing a publisher to help with the process, here are reasons why most writers have decided to go rogue and create their own self-publishing websites.


Canny writers have always self-published because they know that when they produce and sell their own books, they keep all the profits. Contrast this with what happens if you get a publisher: if you’ve sold a book to a major publisher, you know that while someone’s making money on your book, it’s not you.

But the internet means that the major obstacle which stands in the way of writers publishing and selling their own work- upfront costs- no longer exists. Today, if you get an idea for an e-book or a brief report, you can write it and sell it, at no cost at all.


Self-published books go through a much quicker process than that of a traditional publishing house, traditional publishers usually have specific schedules setting out a plan of how many books they’ll bring out and when, of course, if an author also wants to publish their book in an e-book format to be available online on major sites like Amazon, this will mean a quicker publication. Thanks to the internet, the process is fast, efficient and extremely effective.


When a writer creates a self-publishing website, it makes it easier to determine the marketing style, a writer can choose how they want their books to be marketed in order to reach their intended audience. Whether they plan to market it themselves or take up the services of the company who helps them self-publish their books, a writer always need a well-structured marketing plan.


Most writers enjoy the benefit of being in control of the whole self-publishing process, by self-publishing a writer will remain in control of the publishing process from the design of the book to the distribution to the marketing and promotion, a writer will control the production aspects including what it will look like, what formats will be available and how much will be spent on the whole self-publishing process.

Besides the control issues, a writer prefers to self-publish a book for other benefits listed below:
·       To maintain direct control of the customers list.
·       To market to a particular, small demographic of readers
·       Every writer is interested in every aspect associated with his or her book. That is why many writers want to try the publishing business and get the book into the market.
·       Many writers prefer to publish their books on their own

Monday, December 18, 2017

Michael's Song is now available for purchase

Esmeralda is an international recording artist who loves to play with her young studs she often refers to as her puppies. Understandably, sometimes when you play with fire you can get burned, as revengeful ex-puppies can re-emerge as stalkers. When four college guys out partying jokingly plan their futures after college they jokingly turn their fun on how many young women have worked their way into fortunes by becoming trophy wives to wealthy husbands. This gigolo type fun eventually turns serious as each guy puts his own plan into action, which will be covered in a separate novel in this series. Michael is the first of the four college students who had jokingly plan their futures. While he has now recently graduated college, he spends his time dominating the salsa dance floors of the late night bars in Miami as he contemplates his future. Esmeralda, on the other hand, is struggling to maintain her career. Interestingly, they both need each other, and openly admit when they first met that their affair might come down to who uses the other the most. To make it, however, this unlikely couple must first solve a mystery involving a girl who appeared to have committed suicide next to Michael’s Jeep and the involvement of an unknown stalker from her past. Johnny Ray is an award winning novelist who won the Royal Palm literary award for best thriller and is well known as the master of the international romantic thriller.