Monday, December 18, 2017

Michael's Song is now available for purchase

Esmeralda is an international recording artist who loves to play with her young studs she often refers to as her puppies. Understandably, sometimes when you play with fire you can get burned, as revengeful ex-puppies can re-emerge as stalkers. When four college guys out partying jokingly plan their futures after college they jokingly turn their fun on how many young women have worked their way into fortunes by becoming trophy wives to wealthy husbands. This gigolo type fun eventually turns serious as each guy puts his own plan into action, which will be covered in a separate novel in this series. Michael is the first of the four college students who had jokingly plan their futures. While he has now recently graduated college, he spends his time dominating the salsa dance floors of the late night bars in Miami as he contemplates his future. Esmeralda, on the other hand, is struggling to maintain her career. Interestingly, they both need each other, and openly admit when they first met that their affair might come down to who uses the other the most. To make it, however, this unlikely couple must first solve a mystery involving a girl who appeared to have committed suicide next to Michael’s Jeep and the involvement of an unknown stalker from her past. Johnny Ray is an award winning novelist who won the Royal Palm literary award for best thriller and is well known as the master of the international romantic thriller.