Sunday, May 30, 2010

A day of writing to see what can be accomplished in one day--today! Are you ready for the Novelist Johnny Ray challenge?

If you concentrate on writing how many words can you write in a day? Just by closing the door and writing. I am hoping for 8,000 words today and will be posting my results during the day. I hope you will join me and post your goals and updates. It will be a great day.

Johnny Ray

Saturday, May 29, 2010

So, what do writers do on Saturday night?

It depends on if you are a full time write or a week end warrior I guess. For the full time writer it is like Saturday for most people and a good night to enjoy a little wine with friends. For the week end warrior this might be the most productive time for you.

For me it is a good time to enjoy a glass of wine for sure, but a time to reflect on what I've written for the week and make plans in my mind without a constant pressure to get something written. It is also the one night I get to read someone else and see what they are writing.

Tell me what you do with your Saturday night?

Johnny Ray

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Do you want a kindle? Check out the official site of Novelist Johnny Ray for details of the giveaway contest.
I recently placed my license with Charles Rutenberg, the largest single office in America with over 1600 agents to handle my referrals.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Writer's block

I think it hits everyone. I'm working on my work in progress and hit a brick wall. I think the problem is I made the obstacles so high there is no way to make it over them. This is a passionate story, but making it work in only 50,000 words is not going to happen.
While off fighting a war, my heroin, yes my heroin has her land sold to a land baron without her knowledge. She wants it back. Even it she thinks he seduced her mother into signing the papers and even if she is falling for his mesmerizing looks.
I will take a day off, drop back and replot and start over. I think this is the best approach for me.
My blogs need updating anyway. I hope you can leave a comment on how you handle writers block and also visit my other blogs.

Johnny (Sir John) Ray

Thursday, May 13, 2010

One long marathon day of writing

Today I will put out my best effort to see how many words I can write in a single day. No goal, but as many as I can. I hope to have others join me on this venture today. If you are interested simply pop in with you totals.
Johnny Ray

ps I might update one blog today on the BP OIL SPILL since this is important to me.

Now, let the writing begin!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Writing and learning as the story unfolds by Johnny Ray
I think it doesn't matter how much you plot and plan out your novel, the story will evolve and sometimes in the most unusual ways. Sometimes small corrections can be made and at other times, a complete rewrite is in order. Sometimes, a writer can be luck and have a great spin off idea.
T me, the most important aspect of writing is staying in tune with what is going on in the story. In a way you have to become the characters and live their life along with them. This can be very interesting, especial if you write from multiple points of view.
As soon as I write a rough draft which can take a long time, I open a bottle of wine and read the story now stopping to correct anything. this is just to see how the story fits together and it stays intact and not all over the place. Yes, like many writers on different days i look at the world differently. The voice as to stay the same through out the novel.
Then, when the framework is intact, the rel work of editing comes into play.
I'm still slightly over half way though my current WIP and pushing forward. Day by day, the novel is evolving and I'm loving it.

Johnny Ray

Monday, May 10, 2010

Johnny Ray led discussion on the life of a writer.

Working through the middle of another novel I hope to be proud to sign my name Johnny Ray to can be fun, can be work, and sometimes pain. I think it is like any occupation where their are days you like and days you wish you were out fishing or simply drinking a beer on the beach somewhere.

Just like I hope to Brand the Johnny Ray name, I want each book to have the same feel and voice. The problem is having a different mood and expectation every day. This is where polishing, a kind of quality control comes in. If you don't finish the book in a short period of time, the problem is more obvious. That is why I want to get the basic rough draft completed as fast as I can.

With that said, I guess it is time to haul Johnny Ray the writer back in the seat and keep hammering away. With 26,000 words on a goal of 52,000 he is half way there and hopefully Johnny Ray will write 6,000 a day and finish the rough draft by this weekend. Then I get to be me again, LOL

Johnny Ray

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