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I had a great day listening to and learning form Steve Berry. I have read most of his novels and, yes, purchased the last one yesterday.


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And the battle of the sexes rages on


   It was in the middle of a sunny day when Bob and Sue first met. The two roads they were on crossed at a lazy countryside intersection. The fenders of both cars had smashed into each other with so much force that both cars had flipped on their side. Bob got out first and managed to make it to Sue’s car and help her out.
   Luckily, neither was hurt very bad and had only received a few minor scrapes and bruises. As Bob held her and pulled her from her car he couldn’t get over how nice she looked. From the returned stares he could tell she liked what she saw as well.
   There was no other traffic along the road and they both knew it might be a while until they were attended to. As they kept talking and laughing, they discussed how this might be the way fate had decided to bring the together.
   Suddenly, Sue crawled over to her door and pulled a package out of the back seat, an unopened bottle of expensive wine she had just purchased. After studying the bottle and how it also survived the crash, and therefore how it must be part of the miracle, Sue suggested they open it to celebrate their first meeting.
   After opening the bottle, Bob laughed for a second before he remarked on how they had no wine glasses to drink from. Sue was the one who suddenly made a suggestion that he should turn up the bottle and drink half first, and then she would finish the toast.
  After looking into Sue’s starry eyes, he did as suggested before he handed the bottle to her. Upon receiving the bottle, however, she simply located the cork and resealed the wine. When asked why she was not going to have a drink, she simply replied that she thought it would be better to sit quietly until the police arrived.


   They say love is blind. Nevertheless, Bob and Sue dated a few times later. Bob even managed to talk her into going to New York City for a special weekend.
   While there Bob and Sue visited the world renowned diamond district and upon entering one of the best shops on Fifth Avenue, he paused for a minute to tell her that he felt very generous tonight and that she could have one, but only one thing in the story.
   When she pushed and asked if that actually meant anything in the story, he smiled and stretched out his arms to indicate that it meant anything in the store. Minutes later she had found a ring containing multiply diamonds and rubies.
   After the ring fit perfectly on her finger, Bob summoned one of the clerks over to them, informing him that he wanted to purchase the ring. The clerk had a large smile on his face until Bob produced his check book. On such a large purchase, the store rules were that such a check had to be cleared by the bank, and it was after hours.
   Bob informed the clerk that it was not a problem and that after the check cleared tomorrow they could deliver the ring to Sue while he had to attend a minor meeting.
   The next day, around ten o’clock, Bob received a call from the clerk, informing him that instead of the fifty thousand dollars he had written the check for, he had less than two hundred in his bank. Bob simply smiled as he thanked the clerk for his time in helping him with the ring, acknowledging that he knew what amount he had in his bank account. He paused for a second before he continued with a special thank you to the clerk for providing him with the best time of his life the night before.  


   I hope you enjoyed or endured this very short work. If you like this, please tell your friends and have them visit this blog. This work, like all of my work, has a copyright that needs to be respected. I have made it easy to share this blog by using these buttons below. And if you wish, I always love to have people buy me coffee or wine.
Have a great day, my friends.

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