Friday, August 20, 2010

When should a writer build his list of people wanting to buy his books?

The answer to me is simple—NOW.

I think this goes back to the saying, “build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door” which is not always true. If they don’t know about it, how will they know which path to take?

Collecting a few names here and there will help, but what about all of the people who come to your web site, your blog that only come one time and disappear forever?

When negotiating the sale of book, the publisher is attempting to estimate how many books you are going to sell. A list showing a substantial number will build your case. Staying in contact with your fans is important, but you have to have time to write. So what is the solution?

Many programs exist on the market to manage your list. One of the best is one that will allow fans to opt in to your list from you blog or your web site. I know many people hate to pay money for a service to do this without knowing how effective it might be. As such, the following invitation should be attractive to you.

I have a special newsletter designed for writers who want to make better use of their site visitors and offers a free test drive of this incredible product.

As a final note, many additional web sites of Johnny Ray can now be found in one place, along with all of his social media connections.

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Monday, August 09, 2010

Blogging has become a full time job

I always wanted to be a writer and never thought it would be as a blogger, but I love to write and with all of the blogs I have I'm never without a place to write. I have many blogs and a full list of them is at

Will my blogging and my love for novels ever merge? I guess that will be seen one day. I was wondering if other novelist have decided to take the route I have and now spend most of their time on their blogs, etc. and how they are doing on making money doing it.

As an update, I do have many of my novels under consideration at many agencies and publishers now.

Johnny Ray
Please follow me on google friend before you leave and check out my list of blogs on I am willing to help others wanting to build their blogs.

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Today I work on my blogs some more, there is always something special to add to them and the number of blog post I have to write is mind blowing, but I love it. On top of the post I write, I write novels, do some editing work, and enjoy my poetry http;// and my short stories

I also enjoy writing article I syndicate. it is amazing the ones that circulate the most. I wrote one on popcorn ceiling and saw where it has been published 687 times now.

And it is hard to forget twitter and fcebook, just to mention a couple of them. I have a full list on my directory

The next big project for me is to understand youtube better. I hope ot have some work posted there soon.

Work hard my friends.

Johnny Ray