Monday, December 26, 2022

Moving over to Montevideo Uruguay to further our study of Tango to make my novels more authentic.

Ok, our friends, we will be in Montevideo for one month to capture what makes Montevideo the most magical place on the planet you need to visit and learn tango, which I include in all of my novels. We had a great time in Buenos Aries capturing images and have a ton of photos that need processing and need to put on our photo editor hat. You can see the online photogrpahy gallery at You can also sign up for the newsletter to the fine art gallery that will keep you up to date on our travels and events we attend around the world. Tango is very much associated with Argentina, but it really started in Montevideo Uruguay. We are also here during festival time, carnival time. The architecture is amazing here and needs a lot of time spent taking pictures that should be displayed in a fine art gallery and worth the energy to edit and enhanced these images of Uruguay. Our pictures will also be a great way to learn what you need to explore and do and see when you visit Uruguay. As always you can see all the fine art photos in the online gallery by selecting the fine photo marked as the entire store, but you can also click on many categories to go directly to what you are looking for such as Argentina, and a soon to be added one on Uruguay. Please subscribe directly to this blog and you will get an e-mail feed of our posts as we make them. Your support is greatly appreciated. Another blog we have is for our digital nomadic lifestyle that you can subscribe to as well which is located at . On the about page there you can see a full list of our social media platforms and other websites that might be of interest to you. If no one has told you yet, a big Merry Christmas, and very soon we will do our around-the-world celebration for the new year where we celebrate every hour with those living in the time zone crossing over into the new year. Thank you for your very kind support Johnny and Natasha Ray

Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Working hard on gathering research in Argentina

Hello my friends, and a deep welcome form Argentina. The tango vibe is alive and doing well here and so much history to discover. I am also taking a lot of photos for our Sir John Fine Art Photogrphy online gallery. Making a lot of connections is important, and watching the pros dance is very exciting for sure. It is slow going to get the research done and to me is the most interesting but hardest part of writing. I also hope you chekc out the gallery blog. The link to it is