Monday, October 30, 2006

Hello world: It is 5 in the morning and time to get to work writing. This time of the morning is great in the fact that no one calls me or wants my time. My research and general plotting, in my head at least, is complete now and I need to actually start putting words on paper, so to speak.

My wife is from Russia, so we had some very interesting conversations on names to use for my characters. The names in Russia some times can be very hard for Americans to pronounce and I told her that if the reading public can not say the name they will eventually lose interest in the book. It would be great to get other peoples thoughts on this.

Any way, it is time to get busy and let the story begin.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

It has been a while since I had time to post anything, but thought I would bring everyone up to date. I have finished my second novel completely now. Well, at least until I get those magical words that an agent or editor is interested in it and want be to proceed. My time now will be on my new project - The Salsa Connection. I am really getting into this project and will enjoy writing it.
My wife and I will be going to New York next week to go to a conference and to do some research on salsa clubs in New York. If any one has an opinion on clubs there, please let me know. My web site is looking better also at

Monday, October 02, 2006

Hello world, the weekend was fantastic with so many things completed. I am excited about a book signing I am going to tonight. In fact, it is not just one author, but seven different autors signing tonight and should prove to be an exciting time.

I have worked on the book some this weekend and hope to have it finished tonight so that I can get copies out to some people to get their opinion and some good critique on it. with the writer conference coming up this Friday, I would love to have it in good shape so that I can pitch it there.