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HOW TO WRITE A MEMOIR BY Johnny Ray has officially been launched today.

Johnny Ray has worked as a professional ghostwriter for a while and is an award winning novelist in his own right. Since there are so many people wanting to author their own memoirs and people like Johnny Ray can only handle a few per year this guide and workbook is a perfect solution for many people wanting to record their legacy and pass on their advice to future generations.

Information on the e-book and how to get a copy is available on his promotional page

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Johnny would like to thank everyone who helped with this project.

Johnny Ray

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to select the right words when telling your memoir

As a professional ghostwriter this is the biggest challenge to writing memoirs. It takes getting in the head of the author and letting the story flow from the source.

Johnny Ray
Award winning Novelsit
Memoir ghostwriter

Memoirs: How to Touch Others With Your Words

By: Sandra Haven

Memoirs are great ways to related things to readers, for instance to inform, to educate, and to entertain them. These all address the value that any writing has to the reader. Writing, especially memoirs, can have another value -- one to the writer. A memoir can provide a powerfully cathartic value to the writer. As an editor since 1990, I've read many a memoir and I applaud writers for expressing the often confusing, occasionally ridiculous and sometimes amazing experiences that made up their lives. But I really admire those who take the heart-wrenching journey of writing about the dreadfully painful experiences that molded them into the people they are today. This is a valuable step in the writer's own healing.

Writing For Yourself -- Many writers are unable to finish something of this magnitude simply because of the pain involved. So anyone who completes a memoir should feel very proud of himself. And once written, the writer might consider the journey to be ended. Afterall, he has fulfilled the need: to get it out of himself, spilled onto paper, freeing himself from the solitary burden carried for so many years. And that is fine. No one needs to go further; once written, the memoir can be set aside, its duty done.

Writing for Others -- However, many memoir writers intend to publish their words for friends and family or to find a publisher to spread their story to a larger audience. That is another entire journey. Because then the manuscript must fulfill another need, one for the reader. So if you are writing a memoir and you want it to be read by others, you should ask yourself what you want the reader to take away.

Use the "Showing" Technique -- Most likely you want to share your life, to make what you experienced a valuable experience for the reader too. With this in mind, remember to avoid "telling" readers about your life. Every time you address the reader as "you" or tell us how to think, what to watch for, or how to respond, you are telling us we can't figure it out on our own. Readers will not respond favorably to this approach. They can even doubt your perceptions, wondering if they were, in fact, accurate.

Instead show your life. Let the experiences speak for themselves in the sensory descriptions and clear details that let the reader feel the sorrow or sense the joy in each incident. If we can see the way you were treated, then we feel we are there too, treated that same way. We know the experience is true because we feel it for ourselves. We'll experience what you experienced. The sharing will be complete.

Remember, memoirs are not just dates and names and facts lined up across your years. Let us experience the emotions you felt in sensory ways. Emotions are the most valuable tool any writer has. Show a strong emotion in one sentence and readers will understand with greater depth and impact than pages and pages of explanations ever would.

Memoirs are powerful tools to free the author's spirit and to add an extra dimension to the reader's life too!

About the Author

Sandra E. Haven has had her writing published in the U.S. and Europe--from short fiction to articles, mainstream to genre. Since 1990 she has provided editing services specializing in content, characterization, plot, tone and continuity. She deals in most fiction genres with an emphasis on mysteries, fantasies, and stories for children as well as memoirs. For more information see Bristol Editing Services.

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Article Source: - Memoirs: How to Touch Others With Your Words

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How long does a memoir have to be?

There is no specific length. It can be as short as an article in the paper posted the days after one dies to a full length 100,000 plus novel or autobiography. It can focus on one event and make a great short story, or a period in ones life making a short story of around 3500 to 5000 words.

A novella is the next step up and covers a slightly longer or more in depth look at life with around 20,000 words. This gives the author room to expand the story and give it some substance while keeping it short enough to make it a doable project for most.

A short novel is around the 50,000 word range. This gives the author room to further explore life and to introduce other characters to the reader. Much more of a time period can be covered.

The full works of a full length novel can take a while to write and covers the complete story. The entire message the author wants to present can be covered. This takes commitment and time. Research can be time consuming but needed in such a work. A ghost writer will spend a lot of time working on this and is necessary in most cases. The bare minimum for such a project is around $50,000 with the average around $125,000.

Back to the shorter versions like the short story a persons life can be captured easily and affordable. Many people want their life to be remembered and there can be no better way than with a memoir, hopefully authored by the one the story is about, but it doesn't have to be. It could be told my a loving spouse or child in memory of the life they remember.

But, the purpose is to record a life and make it immortal so that life will not be forgotten. The length is totally up to the author.

Johnny Ray
Award winning Novelist
Memoir ghostwriting services

Monday, September 20, 2010

Is your memoir a reflection of your true life or the way you wish it was?

A memoir is a way to make sure your life does not go unnoticed. The accomplishments and victories are hard earned by most people and many times the rewards do not match the efforts put forth. Many times it is hard for one to toot their own horn. But, as life comes closer to an end the efforts need to be acknowledged. The life built for the family needs to be appreciated.

When looking back on your life many parts of it will appear different after time has elapsed. While the struggles were so miserable at the time, the future rewards have made it all worthwhile. However, the struggles need to be remembered and the current generation needs to know what it cost and to not take it lightly.

In looking back you could paint a world as it was or as you wish it was. It is only human nature to paint your life as one people will like and respect. This one aspect of writing your memories is very important in coming to grip with before you start writing. Many people assume life to be a certain way when n reality it may be far from the truth.

So, how do you want your life remembered? Would you want it in your own words or the words of others who only could guess your true story? It is your legacy you are going to pass on. And, you are the only one that can tell it right.

Johnny Ray
Award winning Novelist
Memoir Ghostwriting Service

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Memoirs can be so diverse,ranging from telling a sorted past of abuse and setting the record straight to honoring a loving spouse who has remained faithful to you and supported you your entire life. Everyone will have different goals to accomplish. some write to pass on the legacy of the family and intend for only a few to read them. Others write to be sold and to the masses and want their words of wisdom to be heard.

Determining why you want to write is important and it might take a little soul searching to discover what you want to write about and why you want to take on such a project.

As a professional ghostwriter I understand how the story is the central part of the story that drives everything else. It is what will sustain the author to tell the story that must be told. This is why I started my Memoir Ghostwriting Services.

The following article gives many more ideas on what to include in your memoirs and why you should write your memoirs.

Johnny Ray
Award Winning Novelist

Memoir Writing Help, Memoir Writing Ideas

By: Prakash Sharma

You might not need any memoir writing help, per se, as you know your past and you know quite well how to write, thank you. You might instead just need someone to inspire you, motivate you, give you a nudge--with some memoir writing ideas.

Here are a few prompts to stimulate your memory and to encourage your creativity...of which you have plenty to work with and to share. So do the activities (or at least one), and share them (or it) with loved ones...or with me if you wish. I love reading your memoirs and responding.


Starting on June 17, 1976, Diego and Suzy Goldberg, of Buenos Ares, Argentina, photographed head shots of each member of the day every year. Of course, they started as a family of two--Diego and Suzy--and have over the years created a photo essay that captures their physical growth (and more) over time.

Visit the website and study the photo essay, "Time" (at magazine/essays/diegotime/time.html).

In words instead of photos, choose one day of your family's life (starting with your parents or guardians and adding you as a child) and describe what you each look like. Do this for one day every year for as many years as you can.


All art is a response to something--other art, an event in our culture, a moment in history. Look at the photos (on or anywhere on the web, and write a page or two of your immediate associations with that picture.

For example, look at the photo of the old 50’s drive-in. What is the first memory that comes up for you? Who was involved? Who was absent and why? What sounds do you recall as predominant that day? What smells were there? What colors do you recall? How did you feel on that day?


At the bottom of the page of my site are two pictures. One is clearly related to the movie theatre, as it features a crowd of men and women (of the 40’s?) standing outside The Dixie Theatre, all facing the camera; and the other has to do with the stage (and movies...later), as it is an artistic rendering of Othello pulling back the bedchamber curtains and peering in at a sleeping Desdemona. Decide what one play or movie influenced you the earliest.

What was the name of the play or film? When did you first see it? What impact did it have on you? For instance, if you and your family were poor and you only saw one movie when you were a kid, maybe you grew up to love movies or work in the movie industry.

Maybe, instead, you saw a play every year with your since deceased uncle, and were inspired to go into theatre or to study literature. Write whatever you want about one movie or play, and then email me with the draft(s) for a response and more encouragement if you wish.

Finished with these prompts?

There are more lessons in Memoir Writing for Our Elders.

Note: The black and white photo below may remind you of something other than your first movie experience. Go for that draft, too!

And stop in every month for new prompts and/or a response to your creative memoir writing if you’d like. I know I’d love it if you

About the Author

For More Free Resources visit

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Article Source: - Memoir Writing Help, Memoir Writing Ideas

Monday, September 13, 2010

What length does a memoir have to be?

There are no required lengths. It can be a complete story of one’s life such as an autobiography and run into the hundreds of thousands of word, to a very short story, perhaps even a profile accounting of one’s life.

However, in general a full length book is generally considered to be around 100,000 words. A short novel is around 50,000 words and a novella around 16,000 to 20,000 words. It all depends on what the author wants to focus one.

In this post I will concentrate on the novella. This size is short and concise and can be used to tell a specific part of one’s life. A memoir can be about you as a person or someone else close to you. It can also be about two people’s life together. There are no rules if one wants these to be left to the author’s friends and relatives. It is the perfect way to pass on a legacy.

One does not have to be rich and famous to author their memoirs. What is needed is a story that must be told. As an example let us explore the guy who has been married for a long time to a woman that passes away. He now has many grandchildren and great grandchildren. And as all parents know there is a time when the children and grandchildren ask, “How did you meet mother, or perhaps grandmother, etc.” Each time the story is one told with fond memories of that special time. This is all that is needed to set the memoir into a story form best suited for a memoir in novella length.

Why not make a romance from a story in your past? It could be the best way to honor a spouse you walked through life with. There could be no better way to pass on values and morals to a future generation. It can also be a way to tell a hot romance that no one would suspect. Real names could be used or written as a novella where only those close to the story would ever know the facts were true.

By writing a novella rather than a full novel the time to write it is reduced to a workable project. Also the cost of hiring a ghostwriter is reduced to a sum that can be affordable by most people. If the project gains interest it can always be expanded or additional novellas added to complete one’s life works.

I work as a ghostwriter and always looking for an interesting story that must be told. The sooner the project is started the better as most of the information is stored in one’s memories. I also plan to have an e-book on how to write your own memoir soon. I hope everyone interested in this will follow this blog as I post tips on writing your memoirs while I finish the work on this how to book. And as always remember me if you know of anyone needing my Memoir Ghostwriting Services

Johnny Ray
Award Winning novelist

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Considerations in writing your memoirs.

One of the main concerns for many people wanting to write their memoirs is who to leave in and who to leave out. In both cases peoples feelings can be hurt. If this is addressed early on the whole project can go much faster and smoother. A good memoir is one where the author is free to discuss topics openly. this quality is what make memoirs so intriguing to readers. Please check out my memoir ghostwriting services at

Johnny Ray
Award Winning Novelist

The Dangers of Memoir Writing

By: Linda Joy Myers

I have taught memoir writing for many years, and have always encouraged people to write their personal stories. After all, my belief is that writing is good for you, it is healing–I have seen this many times for myself and for others–and it frees the writers to move on to other new levels of interacting with their memories.

Of course, in all my classes and workshops we discuss the issues of family–the writer’s worry about how family will react to their stories, will it make things worse? Will they be attacked or judged for what they say on the page–this is assuming that they show their writing to others or are published.

But recently I have found from interactions with an older generation in my family, it doesn’t matter if I wrote my truth. It doesn’t matter if I stand behind the story I told. It doesn’t matter if I have not named names or told the most secret stories.

What matters is that I have written anything about the family. What matters is that I have written a book, and told stories about the family, benign though they were. This appears to be threatening. I have discovered that people may judge you for writing even if they have not read the book, that they may project their own imagined fears and perhaps guilt–about what we may never know–onto the person who takes the risk to speak out, to write, to publish.

I always felt that I was safe from retribution in writing Don’t Call Me Mother because the people I write the most about–my mother, grandmother and father, the main characters in the book, were dead. I knew they wouldn’t like it, but I knew that I had to tell the take of the generations of mothers who had abandoned their daughters. I also wanted to honor my Iowa family and tell the stories of how I felt loved and accepted there, how my great-grandmother and great aunts and uncles had made me feel less abandoned.

I left out the molesting uncles, I left out the confrontation with one of them later in my life. I left out what I felt were stories that would distract from my main story about the mothers. But who knows if the legacy of sexual abuse is not part of their story too? I heard rumors about grandfathers and uncles who were “to be watched out for.” I heard stories about hands up little girl’s dresses. I knew that my grand mother ran away from her grandparent’s home when she was 16. I don’t know why. I do know that she expressed a deep hatred of men when she was raising me. What roots did that have?

I write all this because I see that no matter how hard we may try not to offend and how much we have tried to protect family members, it still may not work. You may find yourself, as I did recently, on the receiving end of an attack, judged and perhaps feared.

Perhaps the pen is the mightiest tool of all. Perhaps we must be prepared for anything. Perhaps writing is a warrior’s path.

But I still say to the writers out there: write your truth, write for yourself. Protect yourself from the judgments of others as long as you can. But if you are published, be prepared for anything.

Writing Invitations

1. Make a list of the people whom you do not want to offend.

2. Make another list of those whose secrets you know.

3. Write about the secrets and shame-based issues in your family in your journal to clear them out of your head.

4. Look over your memoir and make a list of the stories that implied, even if you had not written them, certain secrets and truths based on what you know about the family.

Don’t tell family members what you are writing about—personal stories or a memoir—until you are finished. It keeps the outer critic from becoming your inner critic.

6. When you are finished, you can change the names of the guilty or the innocent, but if they will know who they are when you publish your work, you need to tell them at this point what you are doing.

7. Consult a literary attorney for advice if you have legal concerns about your writing.

About the Author

Linda Joy Myers, Ph.D., the author of Becoming Whole: Writing Your Healing Story, is a workshop and conference coach for writing as a transformative process. Her prize-winning memoir Don’t Call Me Mother is the recipient of the 2006 Gold Medal Award from BAIPA, Bay Area Independent Publishing Association.

Becoming Whole has been used as a text by therapists, ministers, and writing coaches. A licensed clinical therapist, Myers demonstrates the power of a memoir to bridge, integrate, and heal the past.

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Article Source: - The Dangers of Memoir Writing

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

How to write your memoirs by hiring a Ghostwriter

This has to be one of the most interesting questions many people ask themselves later in life after putting it off for years. Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is unique. What is your legacy and how will it be preserved if you don't write it.

A memoir is different from an autobiography is that it is much shorter and can be written in a more novel type style. The names can be changed to protect those around the author.

I am actively looking for an interesting story to preserve and make into an unforgettable novel or memoir if you wish. I will be writing a series of articles on the what,why.where,when,who, etc of a memoir and hope everyone will contribute to the post.

For more information on my memoir ghost writing services please check out my new site at

Johnny Ray
Award winning novelist

Friday, August 20, 2010

When should a writer build his list of people wanting to buy his books?

The answer to me is simple—NOW.

I think this goes back to the saying, “build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door” which is not always true. If they don’t know about it, how will they know which path to take?

Collecting a few names here and there will help, but what about all of the people who come to your web site, your blog that only come one time and disappear forever?

When negotiating the sale of book, the publisher is attempting to estimate how many books you are going to sell. A list showing a substantial number will build your case. Staying in contact with your fans is important, but you have to have time to write. So what is the solution?

Many programs exist on the market to manage your list. One of the best is one that will allow fans to opt in to your list from you blog or your web site. I know many people hate to pay money for a service to do this without knowing how effective it might be. As such, the following invitation should be attractive to you.

I have a special newsletter designed for writers who want to make better use of their site visitors and offers a free test drive of this incredible product.

As a final note, many additional web sites of Johnny Ray can now be found in one place, along with all of his social media connections.

Turn One-Time Visitors Into Active Subscribers with AWeber Email Marketing

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Blogging has become a full time job

I always wanted to be a writer and never thought it would be as a blogger, but I love to write and with all of the blogs I have I'm never without a place to write. I have many blogs and a full list of them is at

Will my blogging and my love for novels ever merge? I guess that will be seen one day. I was wondering if other novelist have decided to take the route I have and now spend most of their time on their blogs, etc. and how they are doing on making money doing it.

As an update, I do have many of my novels under consideration at many agencies and publishers now.

Johnny Ray
Please follow me on google friend before you leave and check out my list of blogs on I am willing to help others wanting to build their blogs.

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Today I work on my blogs some more, there is always something special to add to them and the number of blog post I have to write is mind blowing, but I love it. On top of the post I write, I write novels, do some editing work, and enjoy my poetry http;// and my short stories

I also enjoy writing article I syndicate. it is amazing the ones that circulate the most. I wrote one on popcorn ceiling and saw where it has been published 687 times now.

And it is hard to forget twitter and fcebook, just to mention a couple of them. I have a full list on my directory

The next big project for me is to understand youtube better. I hope ot have some work posted there soon.

Work hard my friends.

Johnny Ray

Friday, July 23, 2010

Writing tips by John Desjarlais

Everyone has learned from Aristotle that a story must have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Most stories fail at the beginning, because an agent or editor will read only a few paragraphs, maybe a few pages, looking for reasons to reject it. That's why the opening must capture attention immediately and compel the reader to keep turning pages.
Much has been written about the need for a great hook, a grabber of a first line or two that grips a reader by the lapels and doesn't let go, setting a mood from the get-go and hinting at a conflict or problem. Less has been written about WHEN to open.
There are three points when you can open in a chronological form:
1. Just before the problem comes up
2. Just as the problem comes up
3. Just after the problem comes up
Use #1 if it introduces the lead character well and emphasizes the gravity of the problem to come.
For example, in my mystery BLEEDER, protagonist Reed Stubblefield is shown driving into the rural Illinois countryside under a 'gun-metal gray sky,' far from his familiar cityscape, feeling anxious. A bumper sticker that says 'gun control means using both hands' and a talk with a gas station attendant who holds the pump like a pistol are small ways to allow reflection on his gunshot wound that has sent him on this retreat for recovery, while also hinting at trouble to come, especially when the attendant asks if he has come all this way to see the town's new priest, reputed to be a 'bleeder,' a stigmatic healer.
Use #2 if the arrival of the problem itself is more dramatic and interesting.
In my latest mystery, VIPER, insurance agent Selena De La Cruz is shown in her claims garage tinkering with her vintage Dodge Charger when she is interrupted by a phone call from a former boss - a team leader with the DEA - who says he needs her back to find a notorious dealer she helped to imprison who is now free, before he finds her.
Use #3 if the lead character's reaction or first move to solve the problem is more dramatic.
In my historical novel, "The Throne of Tara," the story opens with a man's resolution, "I have a son," Fedlimidh fumed, "and by the gods, he shall be high king of Erin one day!" In the next few lines, we learn in dialog that he has just been victimized by cattle raiders and this re-kindles his ambition for his newborn boy. He will name him 'Crimthann', wolf, at his baptism, to emphasize his warrior heritage and destiny. The mother has other plans.
As with all tactical choices in writing, there are advantages and drawbacks.
The potential drawback of choice #1 is running too long, dwelling on descriptions or causing the reader to wonder when the writer will get down to business. The biggest mistake beginners make is inserting backstory or a flashback early on, as a way to explain what is happening or to provide motive. This puts the brakes on a story and is a major reason why so many stories end up in the rejection pile. The same thing goes for 'prologs.' These are almost always a sign of an amateur and are nearly always badly handled. Use a 'prolog' only if the event in it is ten years or more before the main action of chapter one scene one. It's better to sprinkle in backstory 'bits' in the narrative rather than using a clunky 'prolog.'
The potential issue with choice #2 is that it can emphasize the problem over the character who has the problem. A reader will only be interested in the problem if he is interested in the character who has it. So make us care about the character first.
The possible problem of choice #3 is that a reader will feel disoriented, not knowing what has caused the character's reaction. This must be shown - not told - quickly, perhaps in dialog or some action, and not by an author's summary or explanation.
Beginnings are terribly important - the beginning of every scene, every chapter. They are what make a reader want to continue tuning pages to the end. As Aristotle said, "Well begun is half done."
John Desjarlais is the author of "The Throne of Tara" (Crossway 1990, 2000), "Relics" (Thomas Nelson 1993, 2009), BLEEDER (Sophia Institute Press 2009), and VIPER (Sophia Institute Press 2010). A member of Mystery Writers of America, he is listed in Contemporary Authors and Who's Who in Entertainment. His website is and his blog, "Johnny Dangerous," is at

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Monday, July 19, 2010

So, do you really want to self publish?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Who enjoys a great bottle of wine?

I think many people enjoy great wine but want a price they can afford. I am so glad to find this company and invite all of my friends to explore them. By buying directly from the company we can all save a lot and find wines hard to find in other places.
I want to know what kind of wines my friends like to buy and what they are drinking. My taste vary from day to day, but like I've heard many times before life is too short to drink bad wines. so drink the best, but save money doing it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who enjoys laying on the beach, with eyes closed and listening to their favoriate book. If so, this is a great offer you should consider.
Johnny Ray

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Writer vs Programmer
I am sure I am not the first writer to learn that web designing and programming are a very large part of writing. I think this is especially important when you recognize the job of a story teller is to get his story out to the masses. The internet has changed everything and it is changing so fast. All models of selling are evolving daily.

There are so many talented writers in the world you have to compete with. the difference is the ability to market you stories. There was a time the publisher handled all of this for the author, but now it is up to the author to do most of the work. Perhaps one day the publisher will learn how to handle it again, but it will be after they determine how to make a profit from it.

Until then, it is time to learn a new profession and learn how to be a pro at it.

What new areas of expertise do other authors see coming. Where will we all be in a few years?

Be sure to check out my other blogs. a complete list can be found here

Johnny Ray

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Do you have a book inside you that is exploding to get out? But—you have no idea how to start?

You are not alone.

Before you start on page one with “It was a dark and stormy night” you need to do a little preparation--little things like establishing who your market is, which genre you will write in, establishing your own writing goals and writing schedule, building characters, building your setting, discovering your voice, deciding which point of view to use, plotting, outlining, developing conflict, researching data . . . humm, kind of makes your head hurt, doesn’t it.

For three hours award winning novelist Johnny Ray will describe what is needed before you start the novel giving you a great foundation toward writing your bestseller. The problem with most undiscovered writers is that they never get to page one.

If you ever expressed an interest in writing a novel but didn’t know how to get started or had the encouragement to do so, you owe it to yourself to check out this series. The writers workshop #101 will be held on June 20th, 2010 at Joe's Crab Shack located at 2730 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Clearwater, Florida 33755 727-799-8530. The workshop will start slightly after 6:00 PM and last until 9:00 Pm. You are encouraged to come early and eat and network with other aspiring writers at 5:30 and to check in.

Johnny Ray will add other courses to make sure you have the support you need. Full details will be given at the workshop. The next workshop (#102) you may wish to consider is one describing the writer's life and how to complete a novel in as little as 60 days. It will be held on June 22, 2010 at Joe's Crab Shack located at 2730 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Clearwater, Florida 33755 727-799-8530. Again the workshop will start slightly after 6:00 PM and last until 9:00 Pm. You are encouraged to come early and eat and network with other aspiring writers at 5:30 and to check in.

The cost is only $30 per workshop and can be paid in advance using paypal below or $35 at the door. Please drop Johnny Ray an e-mail at to let him know you will be attending and to ask any questions.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Writing advice on fine tuning your writing habits by Johnny Ray

I think every writer slowly fine tunes the way they write. Everyone has the best place and time to write. We all distractions and problems which make us much less effective.

When i am writing new material I can fly and have no problem. But like many people the business of writing slips in and sucks all of the time between those golden times. You know like submitting, polishing, researching, more editing and, of yes, Family time.

In looking at the writing objectively, I will start a new plan of nothing but working on producing new words every day. I have a hefty goal, but one I think i can carry out. I generally write at about 750 words if I am not distracted and can simply create. For thee hours I can easily do 2,000 words. I plan to get up early and accomplish this which will the rest of the day to work on all of the rest of the needed parts of being a writer.

At this rate I will have a short novel every month or a normal 100,000 word novel every other month.

I will let everyone know how this works out. I want to hear how others keep their writing on track.

Johnny Ray

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A day of writing to see what can be accomplished in one day--today! Are you ready for the Novelist Johnny Ray challenge?

If you concentrate on writing how many words can you write in a day? Just by closing the door and writing. I am hoping for 8,000 words today and will be posting my results during the day. I hope you will join me and post your goals and updates. It will be a great day.

Johnny Ray

Saturday, May 29, 2010

So, what do writers do on Saturday night?

It depends on if you are a full time write or a week end warrior I guess. For the full time writer it is like Saturday for most people and a good night to enjoy a little wine with friends. For the week end warrior this might be the most productive time for you.

For me it is a good time to enjoy a glass of wine for sure, but a time to reflect on what I've written for the week and make plans in my mind without a constant pressure to get something written. It is also the one night I get to read someone else and see what they are writing.

Tell me what you do with your Saturday night?

Johnny Ray

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Do you want a kindle? Check out the official site of Novelist Johnny Ray for details of the giveaway contest.
I recently placed my license with Charles Rutenberg, the largest single office in America with over 1600 agents to handle my referrals.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Writer's block

I think it hits everyone. I'm working on my work in progress and hit a brick wall. I think the problem is I made the obstacles so high there is no way to make it over them. This is a passionate story, but making it work in only 50,000 words is not going to happen.
While off fighting a war, my heroin, yes my heroin has her land sold to a land baron without her knowledge. She wants it back. Even it she thinks he seduced her mother into signing the papers and even if she is falling for his mesmerizing looks.
I will take a day off, drop back and replot and start over. I think this is the best approach for me.
My blogs need updating anyway. I hope you can leave a comment on how you handle writers block and also visit my other blogs.

Johnny (Sir John) Ray

Thursday, May 13, 2010

One long marathon day of writing

Today I will put out my best effort to see how many words I can write in a single day. No goal, but as many as I can. I hope to have others join me on this venture today. If you are interested simply pop in with you totals.
Johnny Ray

ps I might update one blog today on the BP OIL SPILL since this is important to me.

Now, let the writing begin!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Writing and learning as the story unfolds by Johnny Ray
I think it doesn't matter how much you plot and plan out your novel, the story will evolve and sometimes in the most unusual ways. Sometimes small corrections can be made and at other times, a complete rewrite is in order. Sometimes, a writer can be luck and have a great spin off idea.
T me, the most important aspect of writing is staying in tune with what is going on in the story. In a way you have to become the characters and live their life along with them. This can be very interesting, especial if you write from multiple points of view.
As soon as I write a rough draft which can take a long time, I open a bottle of wine and read the story now stopping to correct anything. this is just to see how the story fits together and it stays intact and not all over the place. Yes, like many writers on different days i look at the world differently. The voice as to stay the same through out the novel.
Then, when the framework is intact, the rel work of editing comes into play.
I'm still slightly over half way though my current WIP and pushing forward. Day by day, the novel is evolving and I'm loving it.

Johnny Ray

Monday, May 10, 2010

Johnny Ray led discussion on the life of a writer.

Working through the middle of another novel I hope to be proud to sign my name Johnny Ray to can be fun, can be work, and sometimes pain. I think it is like any occupation where their are days you like and days you wish you were out fishing or simply drinking a beer on the beach somewhere.

Just like I hope to Brand the Johnny Ray name, I want each book to have the same feel and voice. The problem is having a different mood and expectation every day. This is where polishing, a kind of quality control comes in. If you don't finish the book in a short period of time, the problem is more obvious. That is why I want to get the basic rough draft completed as fast as I can.

With that said, I guess it is time to haul Johnny Ray the writer back in the seat and keep hammering away. With 26,000 words on a goal of 52,000 he is half way there and hopefully Johnny Ray will write 6,000 a day and finish the rough draft by this weekend. Then I get to be me again, LOL

Johnny Ray

Also, please check out the new blog on Johnny Ray Commentary at
Johnny Ray

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to cast characters by Novelist Johnny Ray

As soon as I have a basic idea on what I want to write I start auditioning my characters. To me it is like applying for a part in a movie. I know the part but want it to have a full realistic person playing it.

The first item of business is the name. The name can make a world of difference on how you see that person. There are many sites available to study names and it is worth the time to do so.

Next is the specific characteristic of that character like how tall, weight, etc.

Add to this his own personal quirks , his or her own voice, words they use that no on else would use, based on heritage, race, region of the country, education, etc. I want each character to stand alone.

Then time to find a face to fit the character. While many places to find photos I use to find them easily.

Next I have to add what the characters motive are, what really makes them click.

I place all of the characters sketches on page one of the novel so I can always find it. I also print out a copy and have it on the wall next to me. let's face it, I will be with these characters for months as I write about them. While my creation as such, I want them to take own their own life and let me write about it. This page I will move to another file after I finish the novel and start polishing.

With all in place, I have a group meeting telling everyone what the goal of the story is and we go to work.

Johnny Ray
Award winning Novelist

Monday, April 26, 2010

Nicholas Sparks Shares Tips for Aspiring Writers

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Award Winning Novelist Johnny Ray's quest to find the best blogs and video promotions.

When it comes to personal blogs which ones are you favorites? What does it take to become a great blog. What keeps you coming back? Today I will be surfing the web in the hunt for an answer. Please let me know what your thoughts are today. I will try to summarize all of the comments in a post in a few days. I have a list of my blogs here
I'm also interested in blog videos as well. I love to know how people plan to brand their name or product to make it stand out.
Now, time for me to do some surfing, I hope you will help me on this web surfing Sunday.

Johnny Ray
Award Winning Novelist

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Walgreen is having an Earth Day special on ink cartridge refills. For today only they are charging only $1. I use a lot of ink so this is fantastic for me. I wondered if it was true when I heard the news. I have just returned from there and they accepted about a dozen cartridges from me for a dollar each.
This is good seeing how I have to print out a lot of copies in the next few days. I hope this saves some others some much need funds now with the economy as it is.

Johnny Ray

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I've started working on a previous work on mine which will BE retitled ETERNAL DREAMS and thought it would be nice to share the process of reaching enlightenment in the story.
While there are four steps involved, this will center only on the first one.
To reach what most people consider a state of enlightenment, visions of purity are almost always included. To reach a higher level of purity and energy the foods entered into the body would naturally matter.
As such, it only makes sense to eat foods that are alive and not dead. What is meant here is simple when you think about it. Yes, we all have heard you need to eat good food. But, exactly what is that? Fresh vegetables always come to mind in such a discussion, but again it is much more than simply fresh. Perhaps how you describe fresh is the key.
A carrot that is washed, cleaned, cooked is considered healthy by most people, but it is really? It is now dead and self destined to destroy itself with micros and other bacterial, returning it to the earth. On the other hand, a carrot that is freshly plucked from the ground and could be replanted and live is still full of life that can be consumed. The difference is now the body is receiving a life force and not a signal to decompose. You have to think of consuming life forces, an energy, instead of material substance.
The carrot is but one example of life forces that can be consumed. In future post, I will discuss other sources of food that are alive and can increase your energy and life force.
I want your opinion on this, please feel free to comment.
Johnny Ray

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Novelist Johnny Ray taking time to taste the strawberries
When work consumes both day and night, it is time to take a break. In Florida the strawberries are plentiful. In fact, the berries were late this year and due to the competition one farmer turned it open to the public to pick. We picked up 18 flats and made preserves, jellies, topping, froze some, gave away what we could and still have strawberries left over.

As far as my novels go, I have many in front of agents and editors now. I hope to have some good news to report soon. I also am rewriting a romantic paranormal suspense. I should have it completed in about a week. In April I will be working on converting one novel to a screenplay. This should be interesting. I also have a new novel I'm about 20% into that is very interesting for me as it is about the fashion industry. I hope to have it completed by June. It is an international romantic suspense.
Now tell me , can't you smell the strawberries cooking. Is it possible to overdose on strawberries?

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Award winning novelist Johnny Ray describes how to select characters for your next novel

I have studied this many times and taking the advice of so many people more qualified than me. However, I will attempt to tell how I do it and hope some of my writer friends will jump in and add what works for them.
First , with a very rough idea as to what my story is about I make a list of characters types I will need like a hero here and a heroin there, etc. and build the basic building blocks of physical appearances, etc.
Second, I have to have photos of my characters. I use sites such as to search for actors I would love to use. I build a large list and keep it for small characters later, but looking for my main characters. When I find the main characters, I search for additional photos of these actors and add them to the list.
Third, I start building the strengths and weaknesses of each character. I want to know what makes this person different, unique and interesting enough to spend the next 3-6 months with.
Fourth, I start to build what mannerisms the character has. I want each character to be known by the way he acts and talks, etc. I want to know what specific way of talking does he have, favorite expressions, etc.
Fifth is getting under the skin of the character and discovering what really makes him tick. This is when the character starts taking on a life.
An last, my character develops while I write and I have no problem going back every day and adding to his sketch. I do this every morning before I start to add to the story.
For me to be able to tell a story, I have to know my characters and like so many other writers, the magic happens when the characters take over and becomes real enough to tell the story with the writer simply recording the action.

Johnny Ray

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Novelist Johnny Ray's bike trip to the end of the Pinellas Trail

Like writing a novel, the greatest feeling in the world is making it to the end; especially when you have so much fun along the way. Yes, I love Tarpon Springs and Greek coffee. I finished rewriting another novel and hope to present it in the next few days to some great editors and agents. I will report back later on how it went.

Johnny Ray

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A writer’s use of technology
The world is changing for many as technology expands on a daily bases. And this could not be truer of anyone more than writers. With writing programs the ability to catch errors in grammar and spelling, not to mention word choices are so easy almost anyone can become a writer.
With the enhanced technology come more demands in other aspects. Details, the world is at a writers finger tips, literally. The ability to become an expert in any field is only a matter of time spent on the net. The great writers know how to become such an expert and to be able to impart such knowledge seamlessly to the reader. Readers want to be entertained for sure, but they also want to learn something new and in an interesting way.
The stumbling block is not forgetting there is a world out there beyond the computer where people live and explore life; a life with emotions and feelings that can only be experienced in the world away from the computer. The ability to merge technology and real life is a gift very few writers achieve.
So, where will the future technology take us? We could only dream, but perhaps that is what a great writer needs to do—create a world only the mind can conjure up.
Johnny Ray

Monday, February 15, 2010

Johnny Ray

I attended a workshop presented at the local Tampa chapter of The Romance Writers of America monthly meeting by literary agent Nephele Tempest. She discussed two parts and I will make this a two part blog as well. The first part is the synopsis.

The length of the synopsis is often discussed as she made it clear a short one is preferred and you needed one only a paragraph or two and one about one and a half pages. I have seen many agents set their requirement from very short to very long. It depends on the agent. As such it stands to reason to have a long one and the ability to shorten it according to which agent you are pitching.

The main difference in a query letter and a synopsis is the ending. The query is designed to hook the agent, the synopsis is required to show the agent you can fully develop the story and have enough plot to carry it. Kind of like a one two punch.

A short synopsis describes the major points in the novel. A longer synopsis can add complexities and minor plots. In either case the author has to be able to show a satisfying resolution.

Some authors work with an outline that can be converted to a synopsis and others write a synopsis specifically designed for a specific agent. The ability to demonstrate a writer’s style inside the synopsis is a big bonus. Being a business relationship, the agent will want to know they will enjoy working with the author and his style fits the type book he is proposing.

In listening to Ms. Tempest I realized how important it is to custom the synopsis to the individual agent. She offered some very valuable insight into the process of attracting and obtaining an agent.

Johnny Ray

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Johnny Ray's Poems
The newest in blogs run by Johnny Ray is his poetry blog
A new poem will be written almost every day, so please check back there as often as possible. The poems are free to use in an email or post in your own blog with the requirement the poem stay intact as it was written, the poet (Johnny Ray) be given credit and the link back to the site remain in place. Please enjoy them and be sure to bookmark the site and link to it as you wish. You might want to follow the new poems on google friends as well.
If you want to see a particular type poem for a special occasion, please leave a note in the comments section

Johnny Ray
Gasparilla--a day to be remembered for Novelist Johnny Ray, perhaps even insight into a future novel.
The weather did not cooperate but we had a great time anyway. Once a year the pirates come ashore in Tampa to take the city and party. Oh yes, party all day and night. Some of the photos are posted here to show the fun. With the rain photos the parade could not be captured this year.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fighting the uphill battle as an aspiring author by Johnny Ray

I know when facing a mountain side of reason to reconsider it appears to be overwhelming. You could simply give up and try something different or think of a way around it. But sooner or later the fact remains to see what is at the top you have to make it there first. Looking back later, the climb can be an interesting reminder, a way of showing others how to proceed.

Yes, at times it is important just to be able to hang on to how far you have come. The support groups built along the way can help, but it is important to find the rocks that will give you one more chance to climb one more flight.

There is a saying when climbing--never look down. The same is true in writing. We all have to start somewhere, but it is not where we have to stay. Reaching for one hold after another takes concentration and effort. With each step we gain confidence. We learn what works and what does not.

I know what keeps me going. I never learned how to fail. It may take me longer but the only way I know to become a best selling author is to keep climbing and keep writing everyday.

Today I want to hear what keeps other people going to make it to the top. What are your motivations? How do you continue to climb one day after another?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Johnny Ray enjoying a winter play land during the holiday season
Since it was going to be cold anyway, I thought the best thing was to go somewhere to really enjoy it. These photos are from the back of the cabin in Gatlinburg, Tenn.
I think being trapped inside like this might be a good way to concentrate on writing--you sure can't do much of anything else. Florida has so many distractions. I guess my point in this post is learning how others cope with distractions. For me, I have the opposite problems, I need the distractions to stimulate me to write. I always go to crowded places to work. What helps you to concentrate?
Johnny Ray

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Johnny Ray photos in the Green Swamp of Florida. Research is always important and since so many times my characters end up in the swamp this was a very interesting time I spent wild boar hunting recently. The deep swamps in Florida can be so beautiful but intimidating at the same time. The wild boars do have an attitude, not to mention the large gators in the swamps. It is definitely a place of intrigue.
Johnny Ray

Monday, January 04, 2010

Johnny Ray's editorial Service is now open. I plan to only offer this for the first two months of this year. I will be glad to provide a sample edit of the first five pages. See the site for details or e-mail me with any questions at
I also have two new sites I think you will like.
These are great resources for writers and I would love to hear what you think about them. I am also looking for guest bloggers on these sites.

Johnny Ray