Monday, September 20, 2010

Is your memoir a reflection of your true life or the way you wish it was?

A memoir is a way to make sure your life does not go unnoticed. The accomplishments and victories are hard earned by most people and many times the rewards do not match the efforts put forth. Many times it is hard for one to toot their own horn. But, as life comes closer to an end the efforts need to be acknowledged. The life built for the family needs to be appreciated.

When looking back on your life many parts of it will appear different after time has elapsed. While the struggles were so miserable at the time, the future rewards have made it all worthwhile. However, the struggles need to be remembered and the current generation needs to know what it cost and to not take it lightly.

In looking back you could paint a world as it was or as you wish it was. It is only human nature to paint your life as one people will like and respect. This one aspect of writing your memories is very important in coming to grip with before you start writing. Many people assume life to be a certain way when n reality it may be far from the truth.

So, how do you want your life remembered? Would you want it in your own words or the words of others who only could guess your true story? It is your legacy you are going to pass on. And, you are the only one that can tell it right.

Johnny Ray
Award winning Novelist
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