Sunday, January 31, 2010

Johnny Ray's Poems
The newest in blogs run by Johnny Ray is his poetry blog
A new poem will be written almost every day, so please check back there as often as possible. The poems are free to use in an email or post in your own blog with the requirement the poem stay intact as it was written, the poet (Johnny Ray) be given credit and the link back to the site remain in place. Please enjoy them and be sure to bookmark the site and link to it as you wish. You might want to follow the new poems on google friends as well.
If you want to see a particular type poem for a special occasion, please leave a note in the comments section

Johnny Ray

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Gun Gun Gunawan, S.Sos.I said...

hi my friend thank for coment, great day for you. i have added my link on your site or blog. thank for atention.