Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Johnny Ray enjoying a winter play land during the holiday season
Since it was going to be cold anyway, I thought the best thing was to go somewhere to really enjoy it. These photos are from the back of the cabin in Gatlinburg, Tenn.
I think being trapped inside like this might be a good way to concentrate on writing--you sure can't do much of anything else. Florida has so many distractions. I guess my point in this post is learning how others cope with distractions. For me, I have the opposite problems, I need the distractions to stimulate me to write. I always go to crowded places to work. What helps you to concentrate?
Johnny Ray


San said...

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kartono wahid iqbal said...

Nice picture.I wish I will be there someday.

Women Awakened said...

Hi, you have an interesting site. Nice graphics!

Lana said...

Winter landscapes similar to Russian) here in Russia this year's harsh and beautiful winter)