Thursday, June 03, 2010

Writing advice on fine tuning your writing habits by Johnny Ray

I think every writer slowly fine tunes the way they write. Everyone has the best place and time to write. We all distractions and problems which make us much less effective.

When i am writing new material I can fly and have no problem. But like many people the business of writing slips in and sucks all of the time between those golden times. You know like submitting, polishing, researching, more editing and, of yes, Family time.

In looking at the writing objectively, I will start a new plan of nothing but working on producing new words every day. I have a hefty goal, but one I think i can carry out. I generally write at about 750 words if I am not distracted and can simply create. For thee hours I can easily do 2,000 words. I plan to get up early and accomplish this which will the rest of the day to work on all of the rest of the needed parts of being a writer.

At this rate I will have a short novel every month or a normal 100,000 word novel every other month.

I will let everyone know how this works out. I want to hear how others keep their writing on track.

Johnny Ray

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