Monday, May 10, 2010

Johnny Ray led discussion on the life of a writer.

Working through the middle of another novel I hope to be proud to sign my name Johnny Ray to can be fun, can be work, and sometimes pain. I think it is like any occupation where their are days you like and days you wish you were out fishing or simply drinking a beer on the beach somewhere.

Just like I hope to Brand the Johnny Ray name, I want each book to have the same feel and voice. The problem is having a different mood and expectation every day. This is where polishing, a kind of quality control comes in. If you don't finish the book in a short period of time, the problem is more obvious. That is why I want to get the basic rough draft completed as fast as I can.

With that said, I guess it is time to haul Johnny Ray the writer back in the seat and keep hammering away. With 26,000 words on a goal of 52,000 he is half way there and hopefully Johnny Ray will write 6,000 a day and finish the rough draft by this weekend. Then I get to be me again, LOL

Johnny Ray

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