Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Writer vs Programmer
I am sure I am not the first writer to learn that web designing and programming are a very large part of writing. I think this is especially important when you recognize the job of a story teller is to get his story out to the masses. The internet has changed everything and it is changing so fast. All models of selling are evolving daily.

There are so many talented writers in the world you have to compete with. the difference is the ability to market you stories. There was a time the publisher handled all of this for the author, but now it is up to the author to do most of the work. Perhaps one day the publisher will learn how to handle it again, but it will be after they determine how to make a profit from it.

Until then, it is time to learn a new profession and learn how to be a pro at it.

What new areas of expertise do other authors see coming. Where will we all be in a few years?

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Johnny Ray

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