Monday, August 09, 2010

Blogging has become a full time job

I always wanted to be a writer and never thought it would be as a blogger, but I love to write and with all of the blogs I have I'm never without a place to write. I have many blogs and a full list of them is at

Will my blogging and my love for novels ever merge? I guess that will be seen one day. I was wondering if other novelist have decided to take the route I have and now spend most of their time on their blogs, etc. and how they are doing on making money doing it.

As an update, I do have many of my novels under consideration at many agencies and publishers now.

Johnny Ray


Harley King said...

So who are your top ten favorite novelists?

Sir John said...

My top novelist are Sandra Brown, Julie Garwood, Jackie Collins, Michael Connely, Jack Higgins, Evanovich, Dan Brown, John Sanford, etc.

Syndicated Web said...

John, one of my long term goals is to become a novelist, and I'm finding that the easiest way to get a start at the profession while I'm in school is blogging, mostly because my writing can be published immediately and to my liking.

That said, blogging is not the option if you are looking to get in the profession of writing, it is only supplemental to what will hopefully be a career in the "real" world of hardcopy.

Let's face it, when someone asks who your favorite authors are, you don't list bloggers, you list novelists.