Monday, August 09, 2010

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Today I work on my blogs some more, there is always something special to add to them and the number of blog post I have to write is mind blowing, but I love it. On top of the post I write, I write novels, do some editing work, and enjoy my poetry http;// and my short stories

I also enjoy writing article I syndicate. it is amazing the ones that circulate the most. I wrote one on popcorn ceiling and saw where it has been published 687 times now.

And it is hard to forget twitter and fcebook, just to mention a couple of them. I have a full list on my directory

The next big project for me is to understand youtube better. I hope ot have some work posted there soon.

Work hard my friends.

Johnny Ray

1 comment:

Don said...

Hey Sir John,

Found you on BE, and thought you might be interested in getting your blogs in rotation at since BE is having so many problems and they aren't getting fixed.

Like what I see here! I'll be back, even if you don't come over to EYB!.