Friday, June 08, 2012


     It has always been interesting to me how people want to classify certain books into specific genre. Romantic thrillers is an area that you don't see many authors promoting their books as such. Why is that? Perhaps because it is how the two elements do not match very well. It is hard  to concentrate on romance when you are also trying to stop a major disaster.

     A mystery is where a crime has been committed and the story which follows tries to determine the who did it.  A suspense is where the outcome is unknown and the tension increases throughout the book. It is the thriller that has events jumping up and down throughout the novel that lead to a final outcome of stopping the disaster from happening.

     I have seen many movies that are romantic thrillers, but not so many books. My quest over the next few weeks is to try to understand why. I hope you will join me in the quest to understand the romantic thriller better. 

    For now, I hope you enjoy the video below that discusses the merger of the two very well.

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Bridget McNulty said...

Nice video!