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How to create the perfect hero
Author: Johnny Ray


One of the first places to start in writing a romance, or most novels, is with the hero. Okay, some may argue the heroine, but for now, and since this is my article, we will concentrate on the hero now, and the heroine in the next article.

Most readers want a hero they can fall in love with, but to make it interesting he has to have some flaws. To star, let us analyze the obvious physical traits. Is he tall, or short? Fat, or with an extremely hot body? If the author wants to sell books, the choice is easy on these—usually. Then you have some selections that are not so critical such as eyes that are blue or brown. But even here, the writer needs to make the hero as unique as possible.

After going through the complete list of describing his appearance, the hard work begins. The inner being, the emotions of the hero needs to be understood. And he doesn't have to be the perfect gentleman, or any kind of unrealistic fake character. But he still has to be likable and realistic. While he can be tough and hard, he needs to be what is often referred to as redeemable.

I am going to use a recent novel of mine to use as an example. In HEROS AND LOVERS my hero is Thomas (Tommy) Conseco. Why did I select this name? Thomas gives a feeling of formality which is very prevalent in the modeling world. Tommy gives an impression of a friendly, over all good guy. And Conseco, which is the name everyone calls him, is in keeping with most famous people, and owners of large companies, etc. The name gives an immediate indication of the complexities of this hero.

Tommy is tall, and has a great body, which would be in keeping with a guy you would expect to own one of the top modeling agencies in the world. From an outward appearance, he has everything most girls would fall in love with. However, he has to have flaws—right?

To make it to the top, he has to be determined and almost ruthless, at times. Here is where the redeemable part comes in. And it is also where the heroine has to be a match for him. And not only that, she has to be the one to, in fact, rescue him from a life that is full of emptiness, that only he knows.

To make the readers love this hero, they have to understand his internal conflict. At the same time, the author has to make him complex enough to keep the story exciting and the plot complicated to the point the reader is guessing how this will every work out.

For me, unless the hero is fully established before the novel is started the story will wonder and die a miserable death. In fact, the more obstacles you can create, the better the story will be as you develop it. The hero has to be fully analyzed and open for all to understand who he is.

I hope everyone has a chance to read my latest novel, MODELS AND LOVERS. Your opinions are always welcome on my blog located at www.sirjohn.us

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