Sunday, January 27, 2013


Who loves to keep new material on their blog but often find it hard to write new articles?



I have written several articles and I will add many more as time permits. These articles can be copied and paste to your blog with ease. These articles can be found on my author page.

There are a few simple rules, and I decided to add a short instructional to help you accomplish this with little effort.

First step, go to my author page  where you can see my profile and the articles I have written. You can also see a list on the lower left hand side of this blog.  Click on any that you like, say this one
Second step, stroll down to the section about the author --me( JOHNNY RAY ), and look for the REPUBLISH BUTTON.
When you click on it, it will give you a code you need to copy.

Third step, go to your blog and make sure you are in the html mode used for inputting your post.

Fourth step, paste it to your post
Fifth step, click over to compose and you will see what you have in a final product.
Sixth step, simply publish and you are done.
After the first one you will see how simply this really is.
I hope to do a long series of these and you can pick and choose any time you wish. 
The reason for this procedure is to make sure all links and info is not altered, and this also makes it very easy for the blogger.

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