Monday, April 15, 2013


 I plan on visiting a lot of blogs today, looking for what makes one a good blog and a bad one. In doing so, I will be looking for many things, some of which are:


 What is it that made me stay on the page, and want to come back?


 What is it that made me want to follow the blog leads, network with it, or sign up for their newsletter?


 Additionally, do they have a button I want to add to my own site, or in any way want to refer my own bog followers into checking out their site?


 Do they have links that are useful to me? Is the content good and useful?


 Is the site pleasant and well organized? Do they have ways of sharing their site to other social media sites?


 Do they use graphic or animation that draws my interest? Do they have paid advertising space that I might be able to utilize?


 Should I consider writing a guest post for this site, considering the amount of exposure the article would get?


 What applications do they have running on their site that makes it come alive?


 Bottom line is: Is there anything on their site that I wished I had on mine? And what can I learn from this one to increase my own traffic, etc.?


 Please feel free to leave comments of what you look for, and a link to your own site, so that we can see it.


Alex South said...

Hi Sir John. Blogging is tricky, and you mention some important things to consider.

Well, here's mine.

Take a look around. :)

Jen Anderson said...

Feel free to visit my site:

You won't find any graphics or apps, though. I used to do user interface design and don't clutter up the page with distractions. You do want people to be able to read the text on the page.

wilovebooks said...

That's a great list. I normally just look for things that jump out at me, good or bad. Does my blog have that? Then I adjust accordingly. Mine is a work in progress.

Valerie Ormond said...

When visiting blogs I am usually seeking one of two things: 1. new and interesting information, or 2. to be entertained. I see all the items you have listed, and yes, I agree many of those features are useful. But, I also don't want to get lost in the clutter or feel sensory bombardment. Anyhow, enjoyed your blog and reading the first chapter of your latest novel. Thank you for the invite to stop by, Johnny Ray.

Valerie Ormond said...

When visiting blogs I am usually looking for new information and/or entertainment (depending on the blog). But I also don't like TOO much information or sensory overload, so I like simple. Thank you for the opportunity to stop by today, and I enjoyed the first chapter of your latest novel. Best to you, Valerie Ormond at Believing In Horses.

Johnny Ray said...

Alex, I like the way you give away something to get someone to add their name to your mailing list–very smart.

Jen, your site is very clean and sharp–good job.

wilovebooks I am making a special section for book reviewers on my site today and will add this one

Valerie Ormond thank you for reading my opening chapter. I went to your site and love the way it is so clean and fresh. I love horses also.

Anonymous said...

Johnny, my blog is somewhat new and still finding its identity, but I would be honored for you to check out out.


JG Parker said...

Hi John

Some good points in an interesting blog. Thanks for posting them.

I'm going to have a look around some of the blogs here, now. Some great names!

my blog is

Rainy Kaye said...

If you want to take a peek,

Peggy Bechko said...

Lots of blogs out there - tossing mine in as well

Isabella Harper said...

Mine is SUPER new, so it's still under construction...

TL Coffey said...

I would love for you to come by and visit my site It's a brand new site that I just started up this past week. I'm still trying so sort out plugins, links and such but I would be so very appreciative of your opinions and suggestions.

Allen Watson said...

Hello Sir John,

If you get a chance, check out my blog. It's nothing special, but it is important to me as I start my indie author adventure.

Tim Stutler said...

Great idea, John. My site is

Katelynn Clark said...

I am a new book blogger with library connections! I review books and offer a service: if you provide me with the last two titles of books you read that you liked, I'll provide you with one more. So far, I have been exactly right in my suggestions and have suggested books to a few New York Times best-selling authors. I invite you to follow me on twitter, follow my blog, and email with two titles.


Stephanie Phillips said...

I love feedback! Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog.

Isi said...

I think that the most important thing in a book blog is that the author is sincere and able to express what he/she felt reading the book.

I still can't do it well because English is not my mother language, but I enjoy trying it :)

here is my blog:

mcvladie said...

Sir John you might wish to check out one of @mcvladie favorite blogs aka @TyrusBooks

mcvladie said...

Sir John you might wish to check out one of my favorite blogs aka @TyrusBooks

Destiny Blaine said...

Great idea, Sir John. Please check these out:

I'm off to visit the blogs mentioned in other comments.

Destiny Blaine

Bec Booton said...

Thanks so much Johnny Ray! I think you make some great points about what to have on your blog! It's tough to get it right and a constantly evolving blog is probably best!

Bec's Book Blog

Lydia Bradburn said...

The blogs that I really love all have a strong sense of the character of their author. I look for people who are interesting, passionate about literature and funny and I hope that people see the same in me.

Please check out my blog at


Phil G said...

Hi Johnny,
Just passing by.
Thanks again, for the Twitter follow.
Have a great weekend. :)

Geron Graham said...

Hey Johnny. I like what you're doing here. We all have so much to learn from one another.

I'm at

I'm trying to strike a balance between simplicity and originality with the layout. The site is very new and I'm just starting to learn about web design, so feel free to check it out and know that I'm always open to critiques.

Thanks for your time,


Johnny Ray said...

I have added a lot of blogs on the lower right side, and will add more. I will hit everyone blog today at some time. Thanks for all of the input and look forward to some new post on blogging very soon.

Pabkins said...

First I consider loading time...does it take forever? Second and maybe more important is it visual diarrhea? Are the sidebars so cluttered with junk that your attention is being pulled every which way? Quite a few other things but my pet peeve right now is commenting platforms...blogger has a terrible one in that if you comment back to someone that commented on your blog it does not notify them unless you choose the email them option. So really I'd so done asks you a question they won't know if you answer it. A thing for you to consider. Also I hate captcha as do many other book bloggers, it makes it longer to comment and more tedious when we are hopping around checking out various blogs. I think it is the blog owners job to moderate spam, Roget a comment platform that will do it for you. Rather than me as the reader. Having to prove to you each time I'm not a spammer. Usually if captcha is on a blog I won't comment. So it discourages interaction in my mind.

Barbara Lee said...

Sir John, Hope you have time to check out my blog. Just putting stories on them for friends to read right now. Would appreciate any comments, if you enjoy them, or not. Maybe I will make the blog a little more colorful one day, but for now, it is just for reading. Enjoy your comments on Twitter and Facebook.

Porthos Muskaduck said...

Hi Sir John, your blog boggles my mind with the possibilities available on blogspot! With first novel in the works, I started a whimsical, creative writing blog ( last week under a pseudonym so I could make mistakes without ruining my "brand" :-) It was so much fun, I'll keep it alive too. It is very simple, meant only to entertain myself and others with stories told by three immortal ducks who were the Three Muskateers at one time long ago. I'm using it to learn the ropes, and your blog is giving me ideas! Thanks for communicating with me on Twitter.