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We all have a large stack of books to be read. I hope this article helps you learn a little bit about how to work on those books.

Tips On How To Read Faster And Better

Author: Chris Bautista

A good vocabulary does not suffice to read better and faster. But, definitely it is an important part of improving ones reading. Reading faster takes skills and needs the understanding of certain techniques or shortcuts. There are several lessons and tips that teach a person How to Read Faster.

Why Read Faster

Why should a person have to learn How to Read Faster? Well, for one thing, this is an information-loaded world. Everything is about knowing your stuff and being ahead of the competition. This is applicable to both the business world as well as the education world. As such, a vast amount of information need to be studied and understood quickly to stay ahead in the crowd. Reading faster is important to do just that. Reading faster or Speed Reading does not mean just being able to go through the literature at great speed. It also means understanding the contents and getting the meaning of whatever is being read. Many successful businessmen and politicians have been said to take Speed Reading lessons to increase their reading speed. This allows them to gather and use more information in a short span of time than others and helps them move forward in their careers.

How Can A Person Read Faster

Many who love reading develop their own techniques to skimming through the pages at high speed. Others need to learn some shortcuts and techniques to master it. There are plenty of books, audio classes, and online classes that teach interested people to Read Faster. For Speed Reading to work, there is also the need to break out of certain old reading habits like sub-vocalizing what is being read and developing new ones. Certain kinds of documents need only reading the beginning and the end to get a gist of what is given inside. These are the documents that have a good introduction as well as a conclusion that summarizes things for you. Another way is to leave out common words while reading the text. Common words mainly refer to words that occur more often such as "and," "the," "I," "if," and so on. This lets the person read what is important and the brain fills in the common words automatically without actually reading them. There is also a technique where the reader reads only certain data from the beginning, middle, and ends of a line and understands what is being said. One thing about Speed Reading is that it requires practice. It also requires a proper understanding of the structural makeup of sentences and a notable improvement in one's vocabulary.

The ability to read at higher speeds is a skill that needs to be acquired by the young and the old to succeed in today's fast and information-laden world. A though that might occur to a person is that all these methods do not sound too difficult and need not be practiced or studied. But, this is not true. It is very important to truly understand How to Read Faster and learn the techniques involved if success is what it is you are after.
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CaptainCobbler1 said...

A little tale about faster reading. In 1973 I lived near Manchester UK and borrowed a book from a friend. In about 1993 they came to vist in Nottinghamshire - hadn't seen them for ages. Realised when they got there that I had recently seen the book I borrowed all those years previously and looked it out for them to take back. The title of the book was "Read better; read faster"....- life hey! sigh!

gbenga Ogunbiyi said...

Good write up. The article gives an insight about speed reading with great understanding under a record time. At this age of information we need to learn how to read as fast as possible to keep up with staying ahead of our competitor.

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