Friday, July 05, 2013




I write international romantic thrillers and compete against some great writers around the world. When you search for these on Amazon, this is the results you will see



It is a great and yet humbling feeling when 4 out of the top 10 have my name on them.


But even more exciting 


 I hope to have my next novel published soon.  


It is currently being edited and I am shopping for a new publisher since many people have asked to see it in hardback this time.


This novel will present my best character yet, a female warrior, unlike any you have ever discovered before. 


I hope to have more good news to share soon. 


B.D. Knight said...

I'm trying to find your group - HOOKED ON THE ROMANTIC THIRILLER. I write scary stories and kids stories as B.D. Knight but have been writing romantic thrillers under the pen name DK Loren and hoping to join your group for tips and such.

Johnny Ray said...

there was group called that,and it was one of those that never gained traction.
I need to start another group, when I have time.