Monday, September 23, 2013




When everyone lies to you—trust your gut instinct
If that fails—start over
For your love deserves the best
And murderous terrorist your vengeance
May God have mercy on their soul


Then−Royce felt the bump. “What the hell.” The feel of the shark registered immediately. It wasn’t the first time he had felt a bump from a shark in his life. As he jerked around and studied the size of the retreating shadow, his survival mode sent adrenalin rushing though his body. Control. He had to be smart. He glanced over at the girl. He knew she saw the shark also. He glanced around again. They were the only ones in sight, and the beach was over one hundred yards away.

“DON’T MOVE!” Whoever she was, she was in more danger than she realized.

“WHAT DO WE DO?” she screamed back at him. Ten yards separated them.

“Place your hands and feet on the board. Don’t move. PLAY DEAD!”

“Ohmigod! It’s huge.” Her voice trembled, as she complied.

While he knew it was large, he didn’t know for sure what kind of shark it was. This was a different ocean for him. He continued to glance around, but saw no other signs of the shark. He saw her crying. “Hey, listen to me, you have to stay still.”

He knew she had to be too scared to even reply. He wanted to get closer to her, but couldn’t chance putting his arm in the water. “Hang in there. We might be here for a while.”

After ten minutes of searching for any more signs of the shark, Royce waved over at her. “Are you okay?


“We need to head in. Once we get started, we need to get all of the way into the beach. Move smoothly and try not to attract attention. The shark may still be close. I’ll stay next to you. Let me know when you’re ready.”

When he saw a good wave approaching, he waved at her to turn her board toward the beach. He could see her trembling, but concentrating on his directions. “You’re doing fine.”

She didn’t respond but moved forward, catching the wave. Her own adrenalin must have been kicking in, as he watched her mount the wave. He joined her easily. Just give us a few more seconds and we’ll be out of this.

Foam covered the beach line, as they splashed in the shallow water coming ashore. She jumped off the board, and ran onto the beach, pulling the board behind her by the line. He followed behind her. On the shore, they both looked back out at the ocean.

“Holly shit! Did you see the size of that shark.” she yelled, and pointed out at the sea, as she continued to jump up and down. Royce watched her movements carefully, hoping she could hold it together. The adrenalin had to be blasting through her system right now.

“Yes. I felt the shark bump me. Are you okay?”

“No.” She looked back at him. “I’m not okay.” Royce saw her weakening, and helped move her to her towel as she started crying into her hands.

He remained next to her, and wrapped an arm around her. “We’re safe now.”

She continued to cry, as he felt her trembling. He knew it wasn’t a good time to tell her that he had experienced many sharks in the water before. He held her for a long time before he realized that he didn’t even know her name.

Finally, she glanced at him, and smiled. “I guess I need to thank you. If you hadn’t been in the water to tell me what to do, I know it could have been all over for me.”

“You did great.” He moved over to her and hugged her around the shoulders again. Being this close to him she looked even better, but now vulnerable. He didn’t want her to be apprehensive of a stranger taking liberties at a time like this, but wanted to let her know that she was safe now.

“I need a drink.” She lowered her shoulders, and stumbled. Royce moved fast, catching her before she fell. When she recovered, she continued, “Thanks, you might want to make that a double.”

“I can fully understand that.” He laughed, and brushed his hair back. To him, it was amazing that she could think of a joke line at a time like this. “What kind would you like?”

She forced a small laugh. “I was going to a wine tasting tonight. However, right now I could use anything.”

“I like good wine. Where’s the tasting?” He stayed close to her, not sure if she had recovered fully, or not.

“It’s at new place called the Wine Castle.” She raised her head and inhaled. “You should try it.”

“I’m not from here, but I think I can find it.” He felt her gaining her strength, and released his arm from behind her shoulders. “It sounds like exactly what I need right now.”

“Good. I need to go. I hope to see you shortly.” She smiled, as her breathing returned to normal.

“Me too. Are you sure you’re okay?” With his eyes focusing on her, he looked for any more signs of weakness.

“Yes, and thank you again.” She turned toward the condos. “If you could walk me to my car, it would be great.”

“I’ll be glad to.” He reached behind her, and lifted her board before he examined her body again. She looked great.

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