I have decided to pay it forward by editing a limited number of manuscripts by authors trying to make the jump into full time writing. I will limit this to only five manuscripts. I’m sorry, but this is all of the time I have for this, and I hope you understand.

As such I have devised the following method of selecting the five authors I will work with. For those interested, please send me the first three pages of your manuscript, a brief synopsis, and the page count. I am only looking for full length novels in the romance, mystery or thriller genre, which is what I write.

For those selected I will do a story edit, much like I do when I edit my own work, and I will make suggestions that I think will move your story forward. Along the way I will also do some line editing which should catch most of the errors I see.

A full edit will take me most of a week on a full length novel. I will charge $2.50 per page, which is obviously much less than I make as a writer. This has to be paid up front. 

When I first started writing I wish someone had made a deal like this for me. If interested please send to me at sirjohnnyray @ gmail . com (be sure to removed the spaces used to stop spam). I will select the five authors I will work with at the end of May so get your entry into me as soon as possible.

Johnny Ray
Award winning novelist
International best selling novelist.

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