The Raving Fan Group
First thing first—you guys have to know how much I love you for what you do for me. We are going after the number one spot on the charts. This will be a victory we can all share. I will have a list of names in this group posted at the bottom. All you have to do is ask me to add your name. I will also have your names in the acknowledgment section of some future novels.
Now down to business. There are a number of things you can all do to help meet the goal. To generate sales, we need exposure. I am available for interviews and Q&A almost all of the time, and I hope I can bring a small army with me to help the bloggers out and make it advantageous for everyone.
These are the sites that we need to direct attention to.
My web site
My blog
My Review site
My tips of blogging site
My poetry site
My short stories site
The places where the novels can be located for purchase
Amazon author page
Smashwords author page
To help trigger more hits on these sites, use please use google, dogpile, yahoo, Jeeves, etc to find “Johnny Ray” and the title to the novels, THE REJECTION LETTER, and THE HERITAGE to increase the ranking in the search engines. And when you visit the sites, please leave a comment. The more comments the better, and do not forget to engaged other people when you come to the sites. On each site there are share buttons, be sure to use these to help spread the word.
When reviews have been posted by reviewers please visit them and comment. Be sure to spread the word on these as well. Always click on the “this was helpful link”. If it is possible to tag these reviews, then please do that also. You also can add tags you think are useful.
On the various sales sites, start a discussion. These are often picked up by the search engines. And naturally while you are there rank the novel, like the site, tag it and leave some comments.
If you have a blog then read the book and write a review. Also be sure to add links to my sites above. I will add you to my list as well. You know I will send a small army to read it. Reviews can be added to amazon, goodreads, shelfari,We-read and the list goes on. In addition, you don’t have to write a review, but simply mention what you are reading. These sites can also be clicked to engage Digg It, Technorati, stumble upon, etc. These can do magic for us.
On sites you probably belong to such as Facebook, twitter, etc. drop a hint as to what we are up to and the books. Always add a link to my blogs or sales sites. Discussions about the book do more good than actually asking people to buy. The secret is to get them curious. And any time you see the author or book mentioned be sure to retweet it.
I know this sounds like a lot of work, but I hope it can all become natural to everyone. I hope to make us all proud in the process. First I will work hard on making sure we have the best novels out there. After writing the novels and using the advice of several critique partners, I polish many times before I send it to beta readers. If you want to be added to this list, please let me know. I have a limited number of spots available. After reviewing all comments on these readers, I rewrite and polish again. The next step is an independent editor. With this completed, I rewrite and polish again. Then off to a final beta reader to give the green light to publish. Hopefully after this, it is time to format the novel and work on the cover and distribution.
The final test comes when the readers and book reviewers take their shot at the novel. These I look forward to since this is what helps make the next novel even better.
On book release day we all celebrate. I hope you all enjoy this ride. I know I will my friends.