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Johnny Ray, a master of romantic suspense, never disappoints his readers.  His books are guaranteed to grab you and not let go.  If you like a little suspense with your romance, try Johnny Ray.  Single Titles Book Reviews  


Johnny Ray has the unique ability to blend intense thrillers with hot romances, making him one writer you definitely want to follow ---- KINDLE BOOK PROMOS


Johnny Ray is able to really bring out just what we need in a good romantic thriller. There was a lots of mystery.....who was doing what?.... who done it? will be kept wondering up until the very end of this read---- Arlena Dean, book reviewer


Johnny Ray is a great writer and an even nicer person. His willingness to help other writers out in their pursuits is a pleasure for everyone involved ---- Author Brian Brown


Johnny Ray is quickly making a name for himself as the master of the romantic thriller---- JT Kalnay is a writer and a patent attorney 

Johnny Ray is one author you won't want to miss.  He writes suspense and adds a touch of romance. And....who doesn't like a little romance?  Add Johnny Ray to your list of "must" check out for the new year.----SILVER'S REVIEWS

Johnny Ray offers interesting stories, likeable characters, well developed plots, and satisfying endings in his fun-to-read, fast-paced novels. My favorite is Journey to Whitestone with a metaphysical conspiracy storyline---HOT CHOCOLATE, IT'S A MYSTERY BLOG   

Johnny Ray’s books are enthralling and will keep you engaged from the first page. He does a good job at keeping the reader on his/her toes, and his characters are always so interesting. Shayna Gier Book Reviews