Sunday, June 29, 2008

Novelist Johnny Ray's notes on how to make writing interesting.

First and most important, the writer, in my humble opinion, must find life interesting, intriquing and completely unique in every day it is explored. There is so much to explore , to discover, to live. Yes, all people have a way of enjoying life, some more than others. But, for many life seen through the eyes of the writer adds to their life. It would be good to explore the whole world and see all of the beauty this world has to offer, but not a reality for everyone. That is why I think the writer has a special obligation to experience life and remember all of the details that make places come alive.

It would be great to hear how other writers record their thoughts on places they visit. leave me
a note on how you keep track of the places you visit. Or if you are a reader, let me know what it is about a place that you want to know about. What excites you so much that you want to visit it. How can a writer make a place appear real and vivid to you.

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