Monday, June 30, 2008

Building a brand name for Johnny Ray as a novelist is a step by step process that becomes more and more interesting as time progresses. However, the friends created along the way are making all of the difference in the world.
I think it is important to look at the process of writing from both a writer and a reader. There are thousands of books on how to write. And, they are very informative. However, you do not see many on the subject of reading tips. To fully enhance this experience, I have decided to dig into this much deeper and hopefully provide the little something extra that will help the reader enjoy the book he or she is reading. No, this is not going to be a course in reading, but think of it as more of a way of thinking, of understanding, of experiencing a world that the writer intended.
I think it is very true that the charcters in the book should tell the story, it is impossible to totally remove the writer and his personal opinions. A review of who the author is will help tremendously in reading the book. Now, if it is an author you know from before, you may already know much. But adding to your knowledge of who that person is could be invaluable in understanding the story. On a new book, reading about the author could prove to help understand why the story is told a particular way. So, I guess my first post in this series is to get to know the author and what makes him or her tick. The effort will be well rewarded.

Johnny Ray

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