Monday, July 06, 2009

Free Kindle giveaway contest

I am still running my contest for a free kindle giveaway. The rules for the kindle giveaway are very simple. On my site select the novel you think will be published first and e-mail your vote. My e-mail is I will pick a winner from those that select the correct novel that is published first. I have partials,fulls and query letters out on all of them.

I am working on my seventh novel now and when it is finished I will post info on it, If you want to switch your vote on the kindle giveaway contest at that time, just e-mail me. On my site I also have a place for you to sign up for my newsletter.

I also have a large number of blogs I post to. a complete list of them can be found here For those that want to learn how to make money on their blogs please join us at

I wish everyone the best on the free kindle giveaway contest and want to thank you for your support of me as a writer.

Johnny Ray


Electronic said...

I guess since Kindle now has over 300,000 books the contest is over? I will have to keep my eyes open for a new contest, I love these little things and only heard about them today.


Sir John said...

Hi, this contest is being sponsored by me and will run until I have published one of my novels. To enter simply e-mail me at with your prediction of which novel will be published first. A complete list is located here I will draw from those that guessed correctly.