Monday, April 21, 2014

How to find the perfect contemporary romance books with both action and adventure or perhaps an erotic to comedy, or perhaps even filled with mystery and horror requires using kindle's tag words effectively

Everyone that reads a work of fiction requires some level action and adventure in it to make it exciting enough to keep the pages turning. These adventures can be in the area of romance, from contemporary to erotic, and from comedy to mystery or even thrillers. The hero can be sweet and charming or even an alpha male. And just as well the heroine can be weak or strong. 

The timing could be a contemporary romance or a historical romance set somewhere in history.  Also, the setting could be a small town drama to an international, jet setting adventure.

Using kindle to find the perfect fictional novel for you requires you to search using special key words. By using these effectively you will discover books that are exciting and more in tune with what you like to read. If you like sexy erotic reads, then search for such, and if you love Christian romances, search for those.

Over time you will develop your own list of key words to search by and the more specific you are, well, the better you will find those hidden gems on kindle. If you have a favorite author check to see what tags they use, and this might be a good selection for you to find other authors who write the same.

It also helps to use tag word combinations. Many authors are blending genre these days. As an example I write international romantic thrillers, which are international in setting, have a romantic element, but are true thrillers. There are a few cases where mine are also mystery, but generally they are thrillers. 

I would love to hear from others on what key words they use to hunt for books on kindle that they love to read. 

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