Friday, December 07, 2007

It's Friday night and has been a long week. The car had some problems and I spent all day in the shop. That was a lot of fun. Tonight I am working on my blog site. It would be great to get some advise form others on how they built their site and got it running smoothly.

Tomorrow I am taking the family to see the boat parade from the pier in St Petersburg - It is supposed to be fantastic. It is hard to believe that it is so close to Christmas. However, after all of the moving to Florida, we are looking forward to finally getting some rest.

There is nothing like Florida and the beach


Marianne said...

Hey John - glad to have met you on the FWA site; I think I could learn much from you. I just moved this past weekend (but just locally, I'm still in the Tampa area). Good luck, see ya around :)

johnny ray said...

I hope you have good luck on your partial read. I am trying to put together a reader group to help with my writing and may meet in a local bookstore. I will let you know when I get it together.

I hope to work some more on the blog today. Let me know what You think I should add.