Friday, November 11, 2011

I am working on final arrangements to have my next book released next week. THE REJECTION LETTER is a romantic thriller that I think many people will enjoy. I had to give everyone an advanced look at the cover. Please tell me what you think. I will have more news shortly on the book release soon. I hope everyone wants to celebrate this event with me.

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erc said...

LOVED IT ! here is my book and my bit on agents

In British culture the backhanded compliment is considered to be a genteel or polite way of expressing disdain; Nev ille had elevated it to an art form. His insecurity led to a defensive attitude that he would always turn into passive aggression. He was the type of insecure man that when introduced to a subordinate would immediately make a subtle, indiscernible, almost covert, derogatory comment, one purposely designed to belittle, condescend and cut the individuals confidence; it was always made sufficiently ambiguous and evasive enough so as not to make it obvious to, or defendable by the recipient. Although intended to be furtive and imperceptible, thereby fooling the listener, Nev ille really didn’t care if it did or not, as long as the slight and the insult was delivered. This was his “shot across the bow,” delineating the piss line of his authority. Neville had the means; inherent in his very being, you would also find in him the acrimony and the inclination to ruin careers--as he often did. He was an abuser who reveled in his hubris, “the pride that blinds,” experiencing great pleasure and gratification from the shaming and humiliating of his victims. He would have made a perfect literary critic, publisher, editor or agent … (If he had decided not to sign-you-up as a client) in contrast, if you wielded great power, and exerted authority, he would kiss your ass from here to eternity. The vagaries of his actions, attitude, and demeanor, fluctuated wildly, and were totally dependent on whether you could further his ambitions.

His position of power at the firm and his extreme arrogance blinded him, and caused him to overestimate his competence and capabilities. He knew little about, or paid attention to, the old admonition that “Pride goes before the fall.”