Friday, September 28, 2012

 HER HONOR’S BODYGUARD has quickly become a best seller and I owe it all to my fans who are so supportive. Here are some of the reviews that are coming in. 

By Geneva
Wow, what a story! Powerful yet sensitive.
I love a story that captures the pure raw energy of a thriller and weaves it perfectly in balance with a touching romance. There are not many writers who understand how to do this, but Johnny Ray is a master at this. His novels always keep you guessing and teasing you with page after page of suspense.

By jt kalnay
Her Honor's Bodyguard is a fast paced romantic thriller that moves so fast you'll find the hours flying by while you race along with the tight plot. Noella is a judge who is being threatened. She turns to Vance, a former lover who is now a private investigator. He knew Noella in law school, but had to abandon the law after his father's suicide left him and his mother penniless and disgraced. After law school, Vance joined the police force, but not for long. He was forced out of the police after accusations of using excessive force. Before you can catch your breath there are two separate assassination attempts on Noella, and Vance's calm head and steady gun hand save the day. Twists and turns abound and Noella may hold the key to a secret that could have kept Vance on the force. That same secret may be why Noella is now the target of ruthless killers. And Noella has another secret, that she may still be in love with Vance. Johnny Ray keeps the plot very tight, with each scene building on the scene before, which creates a momentum that barrels ahead, consuming everything in its wake. If you like romance, and if you like thrillers, you are going to love this romantic thriller

By Anya
Her Honor's Bodyguard is a gripping cross between mystery and romance that had me hooked from the very beginning. You quickly come to care about Vance and Noella and as the story progresses you find out about both their secrets and why they each hurt the other.

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