Friday, January 14, 2022

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The fight to stay focused on writing has always been a major problem for writers, as the distraction mount. The internet is a great tool for doing research, promoting your work, connecting with your support staff, for both authors, and publishers. As such, it is a double-edged sword.

Departmentzati0n is one way to fight the battle, where you use certain time blocks for doing specialized work. The problem is while writing you hit a snag, a place where you need to do some fact checking. Or perhaps it is when you get an urgent call from a publisher, an agent, or authors as the case might be. Other times it could be writer’s block and you need time to reset your thoughts.

Now, enter the metaverse, with its addictive attributes. The ability to connect to research have all changed, and it is up to the individual to reset how they plan to use it or hide from it. Like many new technologies, it has a learning curve, and a time needed to expand you reach base. All of this takes time.

Where there is problems there can also be opportunities, such as being one of the first to offer services that manage your time on the metaverse, as well as your effectiveness.

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