Monday, January 04, 2010

Johnny Ray's editorial Service is now open. I plan to only offer this for the first two months of this year. I will be glad to provide a sample edit of the first five pages. See the site for details or e-mail me with any questions at
I also have two new sites I think you will like.
These are great resources for writers and I would love to hear what you think about them. I am also looking for guest bloggers on these sites.

Johnny Ray


klahanie said...

Greetings Johnny Ray,
Although I personally write for cathartic and therapeutic reasons, indeed, I consider writing to be a positive resource; I am linked in with a number of professional writers who would, no doubt find your resources of great value. I shall put out the word.
Here's to you having a peaceful, positive new decade. Thank you kindly for commenting on my blog. That was most appreciated.
With respect, Gary

Sir John said...

thanks Gary, I hope to add many post to these very soon.
Johnny Ray

Zuzanna Musial said...

Hello Sir John,

Thank you for stopping by.
My warmest wishes for a blessed and Happy New year 2010!

Thank you for the offer for free editing.

Best wishes,
From Zuzanna


thanks x follow my blog!!! you are great,you know what? I have more people following my blog from your country than mine!!! thanks again!!!
ahhhh of course I am your follower,jajajajaj!!!ter

Patrick said...

just stopping by to check your blog.. =))

Sir John said...

Ivanna, I understand. From my flag counter I just added I can tell many of my followers are outside the USA.
I enjoy having friends worldwide. I worked in international real estate for a long time.
Johnny Ray

Thanks for everyone visiting and I hope you all come back often.

Anonymous said...

Great site...will enjoy following

stanleygoodspeed said...

Hi, amateur British novelist here, just discovered your blogs and felt like I'd been hit in the face with a block of personality. I'll be back, like the masochist that I am.

Michael said...

my brother is a writer and may benefit from these.

Sir John said...

Thanks to everyone. I hope to help those wanting to have their work edited and ready for submissions. I can also work on their query letter and synopsis in a package deal.

leonnybg said...

I like your pic. It's good. Thank you! I want to follow you! Good luck! And greetings from Bulgaria!