Thursday, April 15, 2010

I've started working on a previous work on mine which will BE retitled ETERNAL DREAMS and thought it would be nice to share the process of reaching enlightenment in the story.
While there are four steps involved, this will center only on the first one.
To reach what most people consider a state of enlightenment, visions of purity are almost always included. To reach a higher level of purity and energy the foods entered into the body would naturally matter.
As such, it only makes sense to eat foods that are alive and not dead. What is meant here is simple when you think about it. Yes, we all have heard you need to eat good food. But, exactly what is that? Fresh vegetables always come to mind in such a discussion, but again it is much more than simply fresh. Perhaps how you describe fresh is the key.
A carrot that is washed, cleaned, cooked is considered healthy by most people, but it is really? It is now dead and self destined to destroy itself with micros and other bacterial, returning it to the earth. On the other hand, a carrot that is freshly plucked from the ground and could be replanted and live is still full of life that can be consumed. The difference is now the body is receiving a life force and not a signal to decompose. You have to think of consuming life forces, an energy, instead of material substance.
The carrot is but one example of life forces that can be consumed. In future post, I will discuss other sources of food that are alive and can increase your energy and life force.
I want your opinion on this, please feel free to comment.
Johnny Ray


Yordie Sands said...

In my mind, the question you raise deals with the cycle of life itself. Here are some ideas that swirl thru my mind.

I believe we've seen what the introduction of transfat has wrought on the world, an epidemic of diabetes that is a life destroying condition. Many years ago, I have personally had a friend die from a macrobiotic diet in her persuit of good food and health. Good life sustaining food falls somewhere between those extremes.

When you talk of live food, we know that some Japanese connessueurs eat a certain type of fish (don't recall the name) live, but can you imagine the horror the fish feels as it is being eaten? Is that different from eating a live carrot?

You certainly have raised my interest and curiosity! bon appetite

Sir John said...

Let me mention some other live foods. An oyster is alive when the shell is open, an egg is alive if eaten raw, caviar is live fish eggs, nuts are alive with a future bush or tree, sprouts of vegetables can be replanted and thus alive with energy, etc. Fruits surrounding nuts are also part of the life force. A case can be made for milk and honey in the support cycle of sustaining life as an energy force more than a material one.
I will expand on this more later, but I hope this clarifies the thought process some.

Thanks for your comments.

Groovy Baby Blog said...

Great Post!

Sir John said...

This is only the first step. There are four steps start the process one needs to get their energy level high enough to proceed to the next step.
I'm really interested in others who have tried such a diet.

ranfuchs said...

actually, this is only one philosophy that uses 'yin' to reach enlightenment. It's enlightenment through purity, and it is common, for example, in many types of yoga. The Yang way to enlightenment is the way of the worrier. It is the ability to maintain unmovable mind regardless of life circumstance.

Both ways are known to produce results, depending on the Karma you start with

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