Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Writing and learning as the story unfolds by Johnny Ray
I think it doesn't matter how much you plot and plan out your novel, the story will evolve and sometimes in the most unusual ways. Sometimes small corrections can be made and at other times, a complete rewrite is in order. Sometimes, a writer can be luck and have a great spin off idea.
T me, the most important aspect of writing is staying in tune with what is going on in the story. In a way you have to become the characters and live their life along with them. This can be very interesting, especial if you write from multiple points of view.
As soon as I write a rough draft which can take a long time, I open a bottle of wine and read the story now stopping to correct anything. this is just to see how the story fits together and it stays intact and not all over the place. Yes, like many writers on different days i look at the world differently. The voice as to stay the same through out the novel.
Then, when the framework is intact, the rel work of editing comes into play.
I'm still slightly over half way though my current WIP and pushing forward. Day by day, the novel is evolving and I'm loving it.

Johnny Ray

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