Saturday, May 23, 2009

Developing alternate streams of writing revenues

I remember the days when I thought writing would be so easy and take so little time. Like many people I thought I would be the next overnight sensation. Well, six novels later, I’m still waiting on becoming discovered. However, I’ve learned a lot along the way.
Lately, I’ve discovered many other ways of making a living as a writer. Yes, not like being known as a famous novelist, but satisfying the needs to have your work read. I never knew the demand for article and content writers was so high. Maybe you don’t make as much per article as you would like to, but I’m sure over time, the efficiency in turning out articles will improve. It is a way to work on your own schedule which is great.
The various social media outlets like facebook, u-tube, tweeter, etc. can also add to your popularity and hopefully make your novels sell more when they do come out. A point that I think can never be underestimated. And then there is the affiliate marketing programs you can receive income from off of your web sites you develop.
If you plan on entering these additional arenas, be prepared to spend some time in learning web designing and marketing. The competition can be fierce, but friendly at the same time. You will find everyone wants your link and traffic. It can be a win-win situation.
To finalize my point, I think to attract a top agent and publisher; you may have to create your own name recognition and following. Let’s face it, the one way to make sure an agent stands up and wants to take you on, is to become famous.

Johnny Ray

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