Monday, September 07, 2009

The road to publication may be long, but is definitely not lonely
Of all of the professions I know of, I have to say with so many helpful people in the publishing industry the chances of becoming lonely are very slim. Yes, when you write it often means hiding out for a while to get it right. However, the interaction among writers both published and unpublished in amazing. The sheer number of groups is mind blowing. And If you want to socialize the number of conventions is astonishing. And, everyone wants each other to succeed. They all have different opinions on how to make it happen, but all want the same goal.
So, what is it that drives this group to want to help others so much? Is it the love of writing? Or is it something else? I think it is perhaps a wanting to share and the wanting to let others know they care about others. To some extent I think it is also the feeling that to sell their work they have to be known and they have to do their share of public relations. But this alright with me, it helps me to understand what I have to accomplish.
I know we do not always take the time to thank those that help us along the way, but the amount of help I have received from so many people will never be forgotten. The ones that have helped me the most know I am thankful and I just wish I had kept a full list of all the little words of encouragement I have received from other writers. Writers, agents and editors are a very special group I am so glad to call myself part of. My hope is to return the words of encouragement into a published work of art that everyone can enjoy. Because of their encouragement I keep writing and will until I get it right.

Thanks again to all,

Johnny Ray


Sibel said...

I guess that the number one rule to be publish is to be optimist and mostly persistent. I enjoy your blog it personnel and real. Thank you for sharing ...

Urvanna Handmade said...

hi!!! visit back.nice blog.very the way you write.keep blogging!!!